MFM 2018 Reading Challenge

Murder Mystery, by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell  -- Murdery Short Story

Hallowe'en Party, by Agatha Christie -- Agatha Christie Novel

The Master of the Murder Castle: A Classic of Chicago Crime, by John Bartlow Martin, Harper's Magazine December 1943 issue -- Longform True Crime Article

Night Shift, by Stephen King -- Author Named Steven


  1. Awesome! You look hungry, Dear, have some brains.

    1. Holy shit, I forgot about the zombie section to which I never added anything! I visited my friend Heidi in Maine a couple years ago, and we did a zombie walk in Bangor. :) I should put some more stuff up.

      Off topic, if you ever get time (ain't nobody got) scroll to the bottom of the blog and go to the UK Trip label--there are, like, 10 posts. You will see pics of familiar places!


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