About Vain Minutia

Other, better blogs have specific topics like classic horror movies or vintage weather vanes or yoga poses of the day.  They help you accomplish something like make a great appetizer or draw graphic novel panels or stop using narcotics.  Some cater to certain people like goths or war criminals or members of pub knitting societies.

Vain Minutia is not any of those blogs.  It has no aim, it won't help you, and it isn't geared toward anybody.

It is about me (vain), and it involves a lot of random, loose, unimportant detail (minutia).  (I almost went with the plural--minutiae--as can be seen in my URL, but didn't like how it looked).

I am a crank, who doesn't want to go to a gajillion different sites to communicate with people, so this blog is my only online presence.  I am aware that my book review of Bossypants belongs on Goodreads, and my exclamation about how good my turkey sub is belongs on Twitter, and my Big Love fanfiction belongs wherever you put polygamous fanfiction, and the eight thousand photos of whatever that no sane person (much less someone with whom I went to junior high church camp) would want to see go on Facebook, etc.  All of that crap is going here instead.  Suck it.*

Enjoy Vain Minutia!


*Okay, I'm tweeting now.   Sue me.  @defygravity1974


  1. I must clarify something. I've actually been asked if I will allow people to read my Big Love fanfiction. I don't write Big Love fanfiction. That was just a little joke.

  2. OMG, I so wish your movies of 2012 had a comments section! I took a look at it earlier, and you and I have watched a few of the same things lately :)

    And, if you did write Big Love fanfiction, I would ask to read it, too ;)

  3. Hmmm...not sure why it doesn't have a comment frame, whilst this page does. I'll have to check that out.

    We must talk movies soon. :)

  4. Hey,
    Just mouse-clicked on over here after seeing one of your comments on Libby Anne's blog. I really like your blog philosophy ("All of that crap is going here instead. Suck it").
    I've also just noticed on your Books2012 page that you're reading/have read Darwin's excellent "On the Origin of Species". I would highly recommend reading his "The Voyage of the Beagle" where we get to see a young inquisitive Darwin clambering around South America. I know, I know, those books take a long time to read (well, at least for me) but I still encourage you to put it on your to do list.
    All the best

  5. Hi, Garrett. I do indeed have The Voyage of the Beagle on my list of books to read. I will bump it up the list on your recommendation. :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I just recently found Libby Anne's blog.

  6. OMG, noticed you have Nickel Creek in your "Constantly Blaring" section! I have loved them for years! I'm especially fond of their self-titled album and a few songs from "Why Should the Fire Die?" :) :)

  7. They are great! I first bought a cd of theirs because they had a song about Tom Bombadil, and knew they had to be cool. :) I have all three albums and was bummed when they broke up, although I see they still have a shared website with NC stuff, and all of their new collaborations. I can't help but think they will perform together again. Their last tour was called "Farewell for Now."

    1. I hope they do! I know from the vids I've seen of them, they look like they'd be a lot of fun to go see. I was sad when they broke up, too. Do hear Sarah Watkins and Chris Thile in various places on the radio here and there and now and again, though.


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