Friday, June 3, 2016

Photo Blast

Oh, my...this has been sitting in my drafts folder for a long time, and is hilariously out of date.  At the point that I wrote this, I was at least up on reading all of the blogs that I follow.  Now, I need to catch up on blog reading, too!

Some of the photos don't have descriptions yet, so I'll add those now and post this before it expires even further.

(Cue harp music and fog machine...we're going back...)


Well, goodness--it's been a good long minute since I've posted anything.  Still here and reading blogs, but I just haven't made the time to place anything new of my own.  I've got a few things I might write about soon, but until then, here is a classic photo ("dump" sounds so dump-y, so...) blast.  Here's relatively recent stuff working back to Valentine's Day...

A few years ago, I wrote about volunteering at a local art gallery, and how one of my joyous duties was to dismantle and box away this mannequin, which had been startling the crap out of me every time I turned a certain corner in the back storage room, as shown below.  She'd been displayed in the front window all dressed in newspaper.

Fast forward to my week of vacation mid April this year, to when I made a spur of the moment trip to see what was shakin' at the gallery (...yeah...I've fallen out of the habit of volunteering there as much as I've fallen out of the habit of blogging...).  What I discovered in one of the rooms is said mannequin in her most recent, and apparently ultimate, incarnation.  Isn't she glorious?  She'd been part of the window display during Christmas time, and is now an art piece for sale.   I think whomever buys her is brave, and I really want to see the house that her properly.  Click to "embiggen" to see surprising little details.  Oh, and I can testify that both hands went into storage.  Either one was lost since or used in another piece of artwork.

She's not high art, and she may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think anyone would agree with me when I look at her, summon all of the small town Midwestern upbringing within me and say, "She's something else."

Speaking of small towns, my mom and I went to the local college to see Our Town recently, and enjoyed it very much.  This was an "in the round" production with an incredible young man in the role of "Stage Manager" who brought an energy to the play that I'd never seen before.  

Stage Manager on the left, played by A. J. Clark.  Not only did I steal this
photo from the college website, it's also possible that it was taken by my
pal Kim, who takes photos professionally for her role in PR at the school.
Aren't I terrible?

The college doesn't exactly bring it with
their program art, but this picture shows
that Mom and I were right on the floor and
in the action.  Court side seats--sports people,
am I saying that right?  :)

My two oldest sisters and I went ziplining recently.  We really loved it, and had a bang-up time.

Dearest Dean over at Exploding Doughnut recently showed his cubicle at work, and what he has done to give it some personality.  I loved seeing what he'd done with his space.  I, too, am a cube dweller, and here are a few views of my humble work day abode...

A daily view of places I'd rather be, and a daily reminder that I do what I do to get to those places.

My great nephew and great niece looking for Easter eggs.  They really are in the first picture...waaayyyy back there!

These are older pictures below, as you can tell, but taken on the same property.  This is where I grew up, and where my mother has lived for over 50 years.  The little girl in these is the mother of the two children above, and the boy pictured here is their uncle.  Sunriiiiiiise...SUN-SET.

Ooh...speaking of Broadway...

This really is out of 4 or 5 years, I think, but I just came across this picture recently.  This is the cast of an Indy production of Forbidden Broadway that I attended, because I love theater, all things Forbidden Broadway, and my brother!  Here, he is the Phantom...

Here's a painting I posted about ages ago.  Still not really finished, but he's hung.  Hanging on the wall, I mean!  Hanging on the WALL!

Close to Valentine's Day, I got retweeted by the official Orange is the New Black account, and that day they were giving out goodies, so they took my address via DM.  A week later, I got these fun gifts in the mail...  OITNB themed candy hearts and prayer candles with the images of two of Litchfield's finest.

A local store had a deal where you can stuff a bag full of fruit and veg for $15.  Such a good deal, as usually all of this would be around $40.  The berries went in the freezer.  I'm only one woman!

Spring was so cold for so long, that I put out my patio furniture on April 1st as usual, but didn't get out there to plant anything or sit out and read for a long time after.  In my absence, a bird started to build a nest on one of my cushions.  (Wow...I'm really getting old if this qualifies as an illustrated story.  Should I retire to Lake Wobegone yet?).

Awaiting two things among others...time off mid June and the return of OITNB.  Too bad I already ate all of my candy hearts!

They heart each other.


  1. How did I miss this post?!? What a great collection of things. I want that mannequin (but then so would the cats). I love the vintage photos.

    1. Any visit from you is never late, Mitch! I thought of you last week when I was picking out something to wear, and was eyeing a pair of plaid shorts and a striped shirt. Why were they calling to me...WHY? I resisted...for now. :)

    2. You should have worn what you were inspired to wear... and then sent me a picture!!!

    3. Ha! I'll do that if the weird wind blows again. Those Fuengirola dudes are getting to me! :)

  2. That mannequin looks like something out of a Terry Gilliam movie.


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