Wednesday, June 29, 2016

It's a Bust

In a recent post, even as I typed the words "apparently ultimate incarnation" I already felt like I was setting myself up to be wrong.  I should have listened to those whispers, because Stella (and that is indeed her name) has transformed again!  It's...well, she's...a bust.

I love being able to see even more of her teeny, tiny details...

A monkey from a barrel o' monkeys!  She'd be a great subject for an I Spy book.

In her former, whole state, maybe she could've rocked out on this guitar by the same artist.  Well, maybe not, as she was missing a hand even then...  This used to be mounted on the wall--it definitely needs a better spot than this less than stellar tile floor.  Maybe if they had more volunteers, Michelle! (Oops!). 

'Stella' is absolutely right--she's a star now.  Other artists have incorporated her into their work.

The photographer who took this came to his art by spending decades as a window washer downtown.  This gave him a unique view of our small town that no one else could share until he started capturing images of the reflections.  This is a photo of Stella when she was window dressing for the gallery during Christmas last year.  And that is an excellent example of how local art can be really surprising and transformative.  It makes me think of this great quotation from the movie Ratatouille...

I love hanging out at this place.

I should really give props to Stella's artist, who has produced lots of wonderful paintings and mixed media sculptures.  Here's her card.  

I don't have a card for the window guy, but his pseudonym is windel w. asher.  (Get it?).  :) 

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