Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Crime Doesn't Pay

More pictures!  At least I'm still giving them descriptions.  Hopefully I won't resort to smoke signals in 2016.

I was surprised and pleased a few weeks ago to get an email from the IMA, and see my pal Joe right at the very top!  He's a super intelligent man, and funny.  I wish his partner Brian was in the picture, too.  They've been together for 25 years (or at least close to that now--I'll have to ask).

This incident inspired the title.  I smuggled a drink into the library (NO DRINKS ALLOWED), and didn't tighten the lid all of the way.  I mean, why would I bother to be careful when I'm sticking a vat of liquid in my bag?  It leaked a bit, so I had to dry out the inside of my bag and a few of its contents.  Crime doesn't pay, and to make the justice poetic, the leak-er was my Sherlock cup.

Whenever I'm enjoying a beverage from this cup (legally or illegally), I catch a gander of this fellow, and think fondly of his turn as Richard III.

Speaking of which, I was really happy to accidentally stumble upon this picture from some kind stranger (it couldn't be my photo--my nails never look that good).  Kind stranger was breakin' the law, too.  No pictures allowed, not even of the set before the show.  I'm glad she took it--the production is long over, anyway, and it reminded me to get out my program and read all of the extra stuff that I hadn't had time to do on my trip.

I can't believe I still have this.  I was a nanny for three years (while having a day job--I basically chauffeured this kid around to school and to his sports, etc.), and my charge Thomas made me this bracelet.  It would be at least 12 years old now, and I wear it almost every day.  I still exchange birthday and Christmas cards with him, a grown-up college man.  I have come close to losing this thing so many times--it can slip off when I remove a jacket, for example.  I've found it on hotel room floors, in long sleeves, on the floor of my car.  You'd think I'd just rig it up to fasten tighter.  One day maybe I'll lose it for good, but I'll still be keeping track of Thomas!

Some of my Christmas decorations...

International Santas...

This is a weird, lazy way to present this (a picture of my camera screen, rather than taking the time to upload from my camera), but here are my yucca cane trees at about a year or two old.

Here they are today, a full (human) head taller than I!  They live on my front balcony during the seasons other than winter.  In winter, they live in my living room, except for the weeks when my Christmas tree is up.

This was at 6:30 on a Saturday evening at the aforementioned IMA.  It felt like midnight--I wasn't yet accustomed to the early dark hours and chill in the air.  Not a great picture of the famous sculpture, but it was fun to see it in the dark.

A display of books in the entrance.  I think they're still up.

What I ate for lunch there.  I'm sure artichoke hearts are good for you, even under all of that cheese.  Good!

Failed attempt at arty-ness.  There's the fountain out there--it lights up different colors at night all year.  Beyond that is a large set of sculptures that are meant to be paint brush strokes.  Gosh, an outdoor up-close picture of those would have been cool, huh?  :)

This book was in the gift shop.  That dessert, for me, falls into the category "too pretty to eat."  However, I'm sure I'd find a way.

...And the reason I was there on this particular day.  I saw the film Tab Hunter: Confidential, which was by the same director and very much in the same style as the documentary I Am Divine, which I'd seen a few years previously at the fest, and is currently available on Netflix (US and maybe others).  Both films are smart and funny, and deal with serious issues with a sense of fun and great love of the subjects.  I'm glad Tab is alive and was able to take part in this and see it.


  1. Friendship bracelets always make me think of summer camp. I would learn how to make macrame friendship bracelets from the campers (the girls, of course) and I remember making a few that I liked. I'd wear them for awhile, but they'd always fall off after a couple of months or so.

    Like the Kermit ornament.

    1. I don't think I ever made a friendship bracelet at camp. What were we doing during crafts??? I don't even remember.

      Kermit was a gift, as were the other pictured ornaments, now that I think about it.

  2. Merry Christmas, Michelle.

    I liked the Kermit and Harry Potter ornaments as well. Here at home, I have a pickle ornament and a seahorse ornament that I'm particularly fond of.

    Whenever you have an excuse to eat artichoke hearts (especially with kalamata olives on top), do so. Yum.

    1. Olives are the best--kalamatas are my favorite, but I'll take any kind and all day long!

      Hope you had a great Christmas, and you do have my best wishes for 2016.


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