Friday, November 13, 2015

Arting Around Town...or...Another Photo Dump

As far as blogging goes, I got nothin', so here are some more pictures from the last few weeks.
This is the little college in my town, and it looks so much like
my alma mater.  I texted my best friend who I met in college
and said that I could have tricked him into believing I'd made
a trip there.  He responded that he would have believed me!

Took my mom to said hometown college for their visiting
artist series.  The Nai-Ni Chen dance company was there,
and their performance made it feel like we'd travelled to a
large city and paid a hundred bucks a pop for tickets.  Instead,
it was a fifteen minute drive and free tickets.  Free (well, sponsored)
arts are grand, indeed.

I'd had this picture for ages meaning to bedazzle it in some
way, and did so on Halloween.  Goofy fun.

Current gallery exhibit at the college.  Really interesting stuff.

Credit to the artist seen on the wall.  The year span is the gentleman's
career at the college, not lifespan.  He's alive and well.

Definitely click this one for a closer look, if you will.  Each small panel
is an individual canvas.  The artist took photos, then painted the images
in brighter colors than those in life.  Fantastic.  More info below.

I like sitting and reading at this coffee shop.  These pictures were taken
during a chilled out week off wherein I looked at as much art as possible around
town, and would end up here.  I was on an internet/phone ban, and it was nice.

I did complete one little project that week.  I re-potted my yucca
cane trees that really needed it, and always wonder why in the hell
they live in Indiana!  Poor things.  Don't worry, that sad peace lily
back there got re-potted, too (in the yuccas' old ones), and is
thriving now, along with its...sibling?  I got a peace lily from
my workplace and one from my bff when my dad died in January.

This is what a pile of ice cream shop looks like!  This business has been in
my town for 60 years.  It's not going away, just rising from the ashes.  I'm
curious as to what it will look like when finished.

The drive-up menu remains.

This was an oddball frame that my sister-in-law bought at a thrift store and
never used.  When she, my brother and niece moved to Florida this summer,
she gave this to me (and tried to give me a lot more...moving makes you
frantic to purge!).  I finally realized a good use for Edinburgh Fringe
Festival "poster" post cards.  They make me happy when I glance at them. 
To the left, you see a vintage Halloween mask that I got last year.  I was
surprised when it made a cracking noise when I pulled it out of my Halloween
box, and I realized that it was actually two of them stuck together.  The one
underneath was really well preserved!  They're from the sixties or seventies, and
 I got them for three bucks at a crazy vintage/thrift store in Lafayette.  I guess
 I owe them three more dollars!

I went to a dinner theater with my pal Amanda, who got us the tickets for
free.  It was a fun Halloween treat a few weeks before the actual holiday.
Since my brother moved, she is my main theater connect in Indy!  It was
such a nice surprise, because she called me just two days in advance, not
knowing that she was going to be given tickets.  Sweet!

Said pal, Amanda!  My brother is friends with "Morticia,"
so I said "hello" to her for him after the show.

Prop organ from "Phantom" as a decoration at the entrance.

Grand-mamah's cart of occult arts and doodads was parked right by our table!

Dinner was great!

This is what breakfast looks like when I'm on vacation.  When I'm
working...not so much.

This autumn, I've walked this trail as much as possible before winter comes.

Turn around or else! 

On the "Peanuts" movie website, you can peanuts yourself.  This is me!

Said niece from before, in Florida and

I forgot to add these to my last post.  That street is named
after my ancestor.  The spelling is different, hence the pun,
but when I discovered that they have this pub crawl
every year on "our" street, it made me laugh so much.  I
love it!  I found all of the posters for it online, and I
show them to family members whenever I can.  We
get a kick out of it.  I think if I ever go to Nashville at
Halloween, I should get in for free...or at least at a discount.  :)


That's all I've got for now.  Maybe I'll return to writing stuff again someday!