Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Phone Clean-Up

I've been passing out candy to cutie-patootie trick-or-treaters, and watching Re-Animator.  Is this what Halloween is at 41?  I've been doing Halloween stuff all month, so I think I'm fizzled out for the actual night of my favorite of all holidays.
So, this is pretty silly, but here are some Halloween-ish pictures that I've saved in my phone for ages, and want to delete.  In the cases of artsy stuff, per usual, I regret not remembering/finding out whodunit.  Sorry, artists! 
A fantastic Halloween/Christmas portrait of
my favorite author...Neil Gaiman.  Y'all know
that by now, I guess.

A wonderful poster of one of my
top five favorite films.

One of my favorite incarnations of this meme.  Alas, I still
need to see the movie.  (Straight Outta Compton, not Hocus Pocus).

London under attack.  ACH NOH!!!

Not really Halloween themed, but I adore
this painting, and it pretty much looks like this
tonight.  I do know who created this.  It's
Night, by Alice Neel, c. 1936--the year my
dad was born.

So stinkin' clever.  The human body mapped as
as a subway system.  Credit is given at the bottom
but I can't see it.  Click to "embiggen" and maybe
you can read it.

This really cracked me up.  I love examples of
kids' work that proves when he or she is
"one to watch".

Always makes me smile. :)

It's a night of masks, after all. 

Love her and this, for those of us who aren't offbeat on just one
night a year.

Again with the Gaiman fan art.  So perfect.

I'm taking the skeleton down from my door and
turning out the porch light.  Happy Halloween, all!


  1. I liked the bagpipe tripod. Instead of making cheesy 1950s sci-fi sound effects, it would play "Scotland the Brave" as it shot lasers.

    1. Absolutely! I love sci-fi, and 'Scotland the Brave' always makes me a little teary-eyed. :)


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