Friday, September 18, 2015

Well, Well, Well...

Last weekend, I met someone who is an icon to me--the actor and comedian Leslie Jordan!
Like many people who know of him, my introduction to Leslie was his guest-starring role (11 episodes) on the show Will & Grace, which was ground-breaking in its time, and really underneath its layers just an old-fashioned romantic comedy.  His bits on the show usually started with the title of this post.  "Well, well, well...Karen Walker.  I thought I smelled gin and regret" is one of his most memorable deliveries.  The role earned him an Emmy award.  He's been around show business for decades, and his filmography scrolls down and down.
I really got to know more about Mr. Jordan through a gift that was given to me, a dvd of his one-man show, My Trip Down the Pink Carpet.  He's a hilarious and masterful storyteller, and in that show, he tells of his growing-up years in Tennessee, his trek to Hollywood, and coming to terms with sexuality and sobriety.  It sounds pretty heavy, but he delivers it with charm, humor, and well-spun profanity.  It's worth a watch if you can find it somewhere.
At the moment, he's touring another one-man stint, Show Pony, the one my best friend Chris took me to as a month-late birthday get together (his is August 17th, mine the 18th).  It happened at Play, a gay club in Louisville, and was two hours of hilarity.  I probably haven't laughed that hard and long since Chris and I went to see Kathy Griffin a few years ago.
Funny stuff!  Here is the documentation...