Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summertime: Outdoor Theater, Artsy Bears, and Poultry...I Dunno

Shakespeare in the Park with my pal.  Twelfth Night.  We brought a picnic and drank honey wine, and it was lovely.


More of these guys in West Lafayette.  This one is my favorite...


My balcony garden--ONE tomato plant.  I've meant to grow lots of veg and herbs every year since I've lived in this place (seven).  I'm going to do more next summer.  Really!

A coffee shop I frequent.  I'm not a huge coffee drinker--it has to be of the froo-froo variety; meaning, about 4 or 5 parts chocolate milk or whatever to 1 part coffee.  The point of going here is really the nice furniture and whatever book I'm reading at the time.  Oh!  Also, this place sells Maine Root Beer!  I had it for the first time in 2012 with my friend Heidi who lives in Maine.  I couldn't believe it when I saw it here in my small Indiana town!  The owner shopped the internet looking for a good organic, fair trade root beer, and this one fit the bill.  She feels so strongly about having it in her shop that she sells it barely over cost.  Every time I see the bottles lined up on the counter, I think of my friend and our visit.

Rainbow at Purdue University.

This one seemed a little plain compared to the others, but it does sit on a corner in front of the public library and across from a Panda Express.  So...fair enough, I guess. 

I do like that they painted over old telephone books and such, so being out in the elements makes them all weathered and cool.

Solicited or unsolicited, I know not, but here's some smarty-pants graffiti in the back of the library.

This one was done by an artist with whom I'm familiar and whose work I love very much, Zach Medler.  I should do a whole post on his stuff.


Such a sad film.  She was a beauty.  She said, "No, no, no" and now she's gone.

Well, it's a shame to go from something so serious to this nutty thing, but this is the order that the pictures loaded, so here we are.  I've spotted this guy around Indy and always wanted to take a picture.  Usually, I'd see it while speeding down the interstate or in another precarious position, so didn't want to risk mine and others' lives just for a dumb photo.  I was driving by an antique store a month or so ago, and there it was parked!  I don't know if it lives there, or what.  I still don't really know what the hell it's for!  There's a website printed on the back window, but you know...some things are best left mysteries.

Yes, in fact, that does read, "Poultry in Motion."  Thanks for asking.

I loved this movie, Mr. Holmes, so much.  I'll not likely ever get my photo taken with Sir Ian, so here I am with a cardboard display of his "graven image."  It made perfect sense at the time.



  1. I recently saw a production of THE TAMING OF THE SHREW with a friend in this tiny little neighborhood park. They made pretty good use of the limited space they had, but the big problem was the annoying little kids running around, oblivious of the performance. A couple of times, they even strayed into the performance! A bouncing ball would roll onto the "stage" and an actor would have to break character to throw it out of the way. They spoiled what looked like a decent show.

    When I lived in Ohio, there was a coffee shop that served the greatest root beer floats. I'm not much of a coffee drinker either.

    There's a book I read a year or two ago called 27, that's about all the musicians who died at the age of 27, and Amy Winehouse was the centerpiece. I thought I wouldn't need to see the movie about her as a result, but I kept hearing good things about it. But then I read a UK review of AMY that chastised it for being just as exploitative as the tabloid media footage used in the film. I'm guessing you didn't feel it was exploitative at all?

    MR. HOLMES was quite good. Cute photo.

    1. Oh, wow--how annoying for actors and audience alike.

      That's a good question (is Amy exploitative?), and I'm sure they made a good argument that it was. They did use mostly home footage of her--from cell phones, friends' home movies from their youth, etc--as well as tabloid photos and footage. That can be considered at least invasive, especially since she's not here to give her consent or approval. I was probably biased toward positivity for the director and creators, because I listened to an interview on NPR's Fresh Air before seeing the film (only part of it, then the rest after seeing it). It was the director and her former manager and good friend. The manager/friend was skeptical about the film initially, but after spending time with the director and seeing what the team was doing with it, he felt like the motivation was respectful and having the desire to show the side of Amy that everyone who knew her loved. I came out of it really upset with those around her who didn't take care of her and with those who mocked her in the media when she was obviously struggling with addiction.

      So, bottom line, I would say that it wasn't exploitative, but I can see how some might perceive it to be.

      Thanks! I saw Mr. Holmes one day, and Mission Impossible a few days later and enjoyed both. Couldn't have been more different in tone!

  2. A chicken limo? Whooooaaaaa! Who wouldn't want to ride around town in a chicken limo?

    1. Absolutely--I approve! It's really something to see it speeding down the interstate, and I have done so more than once. I wonder where it went so far from...the coop (? ).

  3. Mr. Holmes was quite good....


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