Monday, July 13, 2015

Carsick Bonus

One of the serendipitous moments that John Waters wrote about in Carsick was when he was picked up by a really good indie band, Here We Go Magic, and given a great and decently long ride from somewhere in Ohio to Indianapolis, Indiana.  He was glad to be among show business people for those hours, wherein he didn't have to explain himself due to the similarity of their life experiences as artists on the road.  They had tentatively spotted him as John Waters from their tour van, and when they circled back around and asked him where he was coming from, "Baltimore" was all they needed to hear.

In the spirit of my previous post, here's a little something extra. 


  1. Last night I dreamed about Indianapolis. I've never even been there.

    / Avy

    1. I love your writing so, so much. :)


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