Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stuff and Things

I've been absent!  Not much is going on.  As a catch up, here are a few things and some stuff.
I painted my kitchen which also wraps around to this wall...
drumroll...gray.  "Stormy Day" to be specific.

The gent on the right is my bff for a million years (20).  He's Chris.
 The gent on the left is Chris's new friend, therefore a new acquaintance
of mine, who I hope will be a great friend in due course.  He is also Chris. 
He is an amazing chef--he made us all his own special recipe on this night,
 and it was better than sex.  I had so much fun with these guys. 

This is in an antique store in Louisville.  I sent this picture
to "Bookshelf Porn."

Piper Kerman has made me obsessed with prisons and how loads of
people don't belong there, so I send a box of books every month to
Books to Prisoners.  This one was just started here.  It got topped off
and sent with a donation for shipping costs.  They fit the "in demand"
list, and I hope they help in their small way.

Again with the books...there was a hashtag on Twitter--something like
#booksarentdangerous, and the deal was that you were supposed to
tweet that and a picture of yourself holding up a favorite book,
and somebody somewhere got a free book.  I dunno.  It was a
good thing, but I don't remember details.  This one ended up in
the prison box, but I have other copies.  It's my favorite, favorite

I went to a play at the local college.  I was amused by the "Lichfield" sign
(OITNB fans know what's up).  The girl with the pretty red hair sat back in
her seat when the play started, so her big head wasn't as distracting as
it is in this photo.

Come on.  How cute are these trophy tops repurposed into wine bottle stoppers?

Love this lady in season 3 of OITNB, and am
thrilled that she can now legally marry me in all
50 states.  (LOL).
West Lafayette, for a reason unknown to me, has these bears everywhere (Like Louisville does with horses), and they are painted in creative ways.  This one is by a movie theater that I frequent.  I love it!  You can see the two movies they mashed together.  Pardon the poor camera work.  It was really bright, so I couldn't see the screen of my phone well, and a bee got into the super cool age inappropriate rips in the knees of my jeans while I was filming, and stung the crap out of me.
Those are all of the stuff and things for now.
EDIT:  It looks like the video will play for me on Explorer, but not on Chrome.  Apologies!  If you can't see it, it's neat.  Picture in your mind a bear painted with The Wizard of Oz and Guardians of the Galaxy mixed up into one glorious...bear carcass?


  1. Thanks, Andrew! I always enjoy your posts. :)

  2. What a fun post. Great photos and friends. Chris Squared look wonderful. I've seen cows like that bear in several different cities. The last time was in Eugene, Oregon. I've never seen bears and I like this even more. I could comment on everything but don't want to write a novel here. Those wine stoppers are inspired! I'm going to get American Gods on Kindle. I love that you participate in Books to Prisoners. You are a joy.

    1. Thanks, Mitch! I need to catch up on what's going on in your world, as I've been absent in reading as well as writing. To borrow from you above, you are joy squared!

  3. What are those hats on your wall about?

    1. I wear 'em on occasion, and they just go well there. You can't really see in the pic, but there's some red and black going on in the framed posters. The red cabby hat and the black fedora (with a little red feather tucked in the band on the other side) just look kinda cool there. :) I walk by that wall to leave, and sometimes I'll grab one and throw it on.

  4. Seriously I just wrote this lengthy response and lost it? GRRRRRRRRRR
    I have never read American Gods but I ordered it today. I have not been able to read lately, I just cant concentrate long enough. I finished OITNB last night and I think i'm going to start over with season one. Dang I love that show.

    1. Snarl! The same thing just happened to me! Booooo!

      American Gods is amazeballs, but pretty hefty if concentration is an issue (and who could blame you?). If you want something shorter and more digestible by Neil Gaiman, may I suggest Coraline (meant for children, but grownups love it, too), The Ocean at the End of the Lane, or Stardust. All wonderful! He's my favorite author by far.

      I've been hitting and missing around season 3 again, basically watching Ms. Vause's bits...and she has great bits (haha). I'm totally worried about where they left her dangling until season 4! I need to start the whole thing over, as well. I'm miffed at Pipes. And the wait begins again...


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