Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cyber Portrait

Ages ago, I had this fellow in my head and he was called "Cyber Portrait."  I drew a little sketch of him on cardboard and fit in some old parts from phones, greeting cards with sound, etc.  That's as far as I got, but he's been on my mind since that time.  I've finally started on him in earnest over the last few weeks.  He's not finished, but here's where he is now.  If you want to see his progression, scroll to the bottom and then go up.  Blogger loaded these this way, and I can't be bothered to switch them!  I'm not sure who he is exactly, but here he is.  Don't worry about the previous pictures--the 'stache is ditched.

The fabric piece is meant to be an ascot-ish thing.  It's not attached yet,
so hopefully I'll figure out a way for it to look better before it's on
permanently.  It's cut from an old pair of my pajama pants. 

Pardon my socked feet. 

I sort of wish I'd stopped here!

This is the original little drawing that I posted a couple of years ago.

This is a painting I did called "Drippy, Trippy Moon."  It
was ok, but it served its purpose, and now my cyber dude
is over it.  Bits of it peak out from the background, and
I like how that looks.  I can still see some of it, so
it's still there doing its thing.

I'll post the finished product.  Hopefully within a week or two, and not another two years!


  1. So basically, he's a 19th-century Borg.

    Have you always been into painting or is this a first-time thing?

    1. Yes, he is!

      Other than when I was a kid (when we were all painters, right?) I've done the moon painting and a floral landscape. This is my first person...or person-ish being. I cringe posting it with you and Mitch around--bonafide ar-teests!

  2. I probably wouldn't have taken the mixed-media approach, so don't sweat it.

  3. I love it! Very steam punk dapper.

    1. Thanks! If I had some gears, he'd be Steampunk Portrait. :)


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