Friday, February 20, 2015


I wrote a poem, wanna hear it?  Here it goes...  I wrote this circa 2008 on a Subway napkin.  Read it as fast as you can--that's best.

Bride-y, Bride-y, zill-y, zill-y
Going for the kill-y, kill-y
Meet her gaze, it's chilly, chilly
Try to flee her--silly, silly
She will rip you with her claws
Gnash you in her fearsome jaws
She will eat her fill-y, fill-y
Every Brian, Bob and Billy



  1. Yesterday's roses are dead
    Violets just make me sneeze
    The stinkin' Honeymoon is over
    So just sleep in the tub, pretty please?

    (One of my kid's friends told me that his parents have been married forever and his mom makes his dad sleep in the tub bc he snores).

    1. Empty tub, she doesn't have to hear it. Full tub, his snoring is cured by morning. Win-win! ;)

    2. Run indeed!!! Lol - great fun!


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