Sunday, February 8, 2015


Going forward with book's one from Tamora Pierce.  She very randomly came to my small town's (then) new public library, and gave a little talk before signing.  She was hilarious and adorable.  I remember that I saw my friend Tracy there, and she sat with me.  She asked me if this book was good, and I told her that I hadn't read it yet, that I'd only gotten it that day (It was a free copy from work, as was Inheritance, as was Orange.  Shhhhhhh!).  She was in a book club, and only had time to read what was chosen by the group...and was slightly bemoaning that fact.  She's had a wild ride ever since...I don't see her much anymore, as she moved.  But I digress...
Tamora talked about the book biz, and how every once in awhile, Hollywood dumps some money in her yard trying to get her to sell her book(s) to 'them.'  To that point, and currently as far as I know, she has given a resounding, "NO," as she hasn't been pleased with any proposals.  You've got to respect that, as she said that they offer "Lots...and lots...and lots...and lots...of money." 
She also said that when they redo your book covers, it's always meant to make your characters look more sexy.  I thought that was funny and true.

I'm so glad that she put the date with her autograph!  I never would have remembered.  Eight plus years.  Jesus. 

The one thing I remember from going up to her and getting my book signed was that she said, "Oh, dear.  I'm suffering from major t-shirt envy right now."  Here, y'all, is the t-shirt in question.  I don't remember choosing it for its fantasy-ish quality, but perhaps I did.  We'll never know, you and I, because I simply don't remember.  It is pretty cool, though, and I'm glad I still have it and wear it.  It's a velveteen griffin.  I know.  High-end stuff.


That's what I remember from my brief Tamora Pierce encounter.  I remember reading and finishing that book whilst house-sitting in Prospect, Kentucky (a thing I used to do), and I remember thinking that the residents of that household would be shocked at some of the happenings in said YA book and at the fact that I read it while sunbathing upon their roof which was set up specifically for such.  I wasn't naked, though.
(I was naked).
Tamora was ornery, and I know she would approve.


  1. Love the shirt and love Tamora Pierce books!

    1. Thanks! Yep, she's yet another cool author. :)

  2. Wore that same shirt all the time until the felt came off in more than one place. Too funny. Also, awesome story.

    1. Gettin' weird, Jenn! We're on the same wavelength!

  3. doubt. But not a big surprise. :)


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