Saturday, February 7, 2015


Earlier this week I went bananas for the delightful Piper Kerman, and as I added hers to my collection of signed books (there's signed, and then there's signed while I was standing there).  It made me think of other moments where I felt like an idiot not knowing what to say, and I felt good about comparatively knocking it out of the park this time.  Here are some pictures of Christopher Paolini, the fellow who wrote his first hit at age 15 (though he was 17 before it became one--slouch!), and my book with his very own autograph in it.  This time, I pretty much stood there like a goon staring at him.  I think I said that it was a great end to the series and that I hoped he'd write more soon.  Christ on a crutch.

I'll probably post more of these soon just for kicks. 

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