Tuesday, December 2, 2014

More London Stuff and Things

Took a tour at the Tower of London and
a Beefeater tweeted our group...

...and pointed markedly.  He was terrific.  :)

This guy again...
...and again...

...with angelic host...

...between thingies.

Your trip to London is incomplete unless you've gotten
photo bombed by at least 5 or so of these red guys. 

The Bridge, but not the one that's falling down, falling down.

...falling down, falling down...Chinatown!

Beautiful couple and a photo bomber!
And creepy strangers taking their photo!!!
Creepy stranger typing a caption under
their photo!!!

The National Gallery gift shop would like
to make you aware that The NG houses
Van Gogh's "Sunflowers."  Very, fully aware.

Up on an open double-decker.  Weeeeeeee!

Whatever.  You start taking pictures of everything.

This guy was piping down the bridge from Parliament toward the London Eye.
A YouTuber I watch occasionally, Karen Kavett, was in London a few
weeks after I was, and she posted footage of THIS guy piping in THIS spot
from THIS perspective.  It was rather surreal and fun to see someone
else experience another moment just like this one.  

Something was always going on at Trafalgar Square.  People hang out there
to eat lunch, chat and people watch.  This day, these guys ran/biked onto
the scene in their tightie-pinkies to raise money for Carers Trust,
and to cause general meyhem. 

Unplanned hilarity!  Pretty cute.  :)

They did some calisthenics while their MC plead for donations over a bull horn.
The law showed up, and the gentleman with the bull horn lamented, "Law
enforcement has arrived, and I'm afraid we're going to have to love you and
leave you!"  I do have video of the calisthenics.  I'll save it for a rainy day to post.

Richard the Lionheart again, a better shot I think than the one I posted previously.
He might've been wearing tight pink underwear, but I couldn't tell.  I just
noticed the floating head at the bottom left.  Oh, well.  Hi, lady!

Lots of statues up on pedestals and pillars all over the city.  I thought
these were especially life-like.  :)

Benny always peeking through.  Watching...waiting...

Loads of humanity at Trafalgar Square.

Not a great panoramic view of buildings, but this shows how busy the place is.
As with any of these, click to 'embiggen'.  :)

I never once heard any Brit refer to the Underground as "the tube."  Interesting!

My home station every, every day.


  1. Your photos are a joy. What a great travelogue. I still haven't been inside the Tower of London. Wish I had seen those guys in pink underwear! San Geraldo is descended from Richard the Lionheart. I love seeing London through your eyes. Great shots and shares. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Mitch! I'm a sucker for a fella with pink underwear and a big...heart. San Geraldo the Lionheart. I should've known!


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