Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Walking Backwards--Edinburgh

Hi, guys!

I'm going to go backwards a little bit on the trip and post some photos from my time in Edinburgh, Scotland first.  I'll probably throw out a few posts of mostly pictures with captions, then maybe a post that's mostly written.  So, for example, if you see something like "Fringe Festival" and don't know what that's about, I'll explain more in depth later.  Twitter followers, you've already seen these.  I'll try to pick out some more that you haven't and post later.  I apologize in advance for the obnoxious selfies that I took throughout the trip.  Traveling by me onesies required it if I wanted to put myself in the action, so there you go.  And, in no particular order (i.e.--in whatever order Blogger loads them), here WE go...

The trip to Edinburgh quickly became all about Fringe Festival on the days that it was still going on.

Alnwick (pronounced "Ann-ick") Castle.  Lots of fascinating history, but they very much embrace their connection to Harry Potter.

Alnwick entrance.  This is over the border into Northern England, by the way.

Hiking day--Edinburgh from halfway up Arthur's Seat.  No snickering!

Down the steps of my hotel, turn a corner, and there is Edinburgh Castle.  When you cross this intersection and forget to look up, it's probably time to go home.

From the other side and closer.  Edinburgh means "fortress on a hill."

Closer, no tree.

If you forget you're in Scotland, you're bound to see something like this and remember.

The University in silhouette.

From the Mound--close to the uni.

The castle again.

The Ferris wheel is usually only up for Christmas, but this year they put it up for Fringe.  To the right is a memorial to Sir Walter Scott.

My walk back to the hotel almost every day.  This picture feels like home.

Yet another angle on Edinburgh Castle.  It's really a beauty--difficult not to take a thousand photos!

Grounds at Alnwick.

The Harry connection--broom flying lessons are held daily.  The instructor takes off!  Notice I took a still and not video.  Ahem.

Hiking and vamping.

Lindisfarne Castle in the distance.

Honest, this one was accidental, but I caught myself grinning like a goon.  I really loved life on this trip.

Walking up Arthur's Seat again.  Oh, shush.

Alnwick grounds.

Last night in Edinburgh--had a pint at the Rose & Crown.

Saw these and more shows at Fringe Festival.  Wonderful!

The End.

I'll continue walking backwards through the trip.  Next stop, London!


  1. Brilliant photos and you have the greatest smile! I've never been to Edinburgh and have always wanted to visit. My sister met her husband there. She loved the city first... then him.

    1. Thanks, dear Mitch!

      It's no wonder your sister loved the city and found someone to love there. It's beautiful and full of wonderful gents and ladies. :)

  2. Beautiful!! What a great trip! Thanks for sharing it :)


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