Friday, September 5, 2014

London Calling

Here are some London pictures, guys.

I successfully turned 40 there!  Better than the alternative.

Once a day, I tweeted some pictures for a few family members and friends who wanted to know that I was still in the land of the living.  On a few days, I would post just one cheesy collage like this to save time.

It's hard to see the number in the mirror, but this is a significant address in my life--221B Baker Street.

Poppies!  A grim display at the Tower of London.  One ceramic poppy for each English soldier killed in WWI.

Affectionately known as Big Ben, but really the clock tower that holds the bell named Big Ben.

A big blue...rooster.

The back of Buckingham Palace, where I spent my birthday.  I hadn't really planned that, but it worked out that way.

My first glimpses of London were from atop one of those open double-decker tour buses.  I got the lay of the land, and a few raindrops on my glasses.

Most nights, I tried to get in by rape-thirty, but after Richard III, I was up for a lot of the night.

At Buckingham on a milestone birthday.

Looks doctored, but this is how Nike really appears.  She's so shiny even on a gray day!  I have a picture of her in the sun, too--I'll try to find and post another day, because she's pretty stunning.

Regent's Park on my last day.  Bye, London!

I thought it was wild to see a street musician who was a piper, until the next week in Scotland, where they were a dime a dozen (but very talented).

I took this picture of the Richard III marquee on my first day from the top of a bus, not knowing that I would see it six days later.  Martin Freeman and Gina McKee were fab, and it was one of my favorite experiences in the theater in my lifetime.

Nice ride--250+ years old and still in use on occasion.

You look up and see that, and think, "I'm a happy chick."

Using the underground was not rocket science at all.  Don't know what all the fuss is about!

Old London and New London.

Always a few of these before you get a winner.

You may remember that I had the same issue in St. Louis.  I could make a coffee table book of windy selfies.

Yep, it's filtered.  Sue me!

I'll post some more pictures, probably, and tell a little about the trip.  Soon!


  1. The London subway can't possibly be more complex than the New York subway, can it?

  2. I wouldn't think so! I'd heard that it was confusing, and it wasn't at all. I've never been to NYC, apart from a 2 hour layover probably about 15 years ago. I must remedy that.

  3. Happy 40th! What a great way to spend it!!

    1. Thanks, Charity! Milestone birthdays have never bothered me as they do some, and I don't think this one would've, either. However, I'll never really know, because it could be that I just effectively tricked myself into being super excited to turn 40. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Andrew! It's a very cool city, indeed.

  5. These are THE BEST photos. Great and interesting shots and I can really sense what a great time you were having. Love those wind-blown selfies. I have solved that problem. I simply decided to lose my hair. It makes things so much easier.

    1. Thanks, Mitch! My hair isn't falling out, but I do have some strands that are going, um...blonde.

  6. Happy belated 40th birthday! I can think of a more exhilarating way to spend a birthday than with an adventure abroad.

    Okay, what's the story behind the big blue rooster?

    The ceramic poppies are lovely and heartbreaking. So many lives lost to war...

    1. Thanks! It was a memorable one. :)

      The blue rooster is a big art piece in Trafalgar Square. It's very near several more serious statues of significant men in Brit history. When you see it, it's clear that it's meant to make you smile and wonder what the hell it's all about! I looked it up, though, and there is some speculation that a great big...uh...cock...right among the other statues of men is sort of a statement about...well, standing a bunch of stone men way up on giant pillars. :) Whatever it means, it's pretty cool and very striking!

      Absolutely. It was really beautiful but grim.


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