Wednesday, July 30, 2014


July 6th of this year marked my tenth anniversary at my current workplace.  Honey, ten years is a record for me, and it feels great to have accomplished a lot there.  Honestly, if I had to continue in the job that I've had for much of those ten years, I would be bored to death and quit by the end of this year, but within the last few months I accepted a new position.  After my date left, I got a call about a new job.  (Sorry--Karen Walker humor, if you're familiar).  I had a successful couple of interviews, so, in September, I'll be starting a new venture within the same company.

But first!  Today was my last day of work before my sabbatical, a perk given for every ten years of service.  It's not a whole semester as a professor might get, but I'll not return to work until September 8th.  All of this is to set up how I felt on the drive home.  Watch the first twenty seconds of this video to see what I'm feeling...

Here's a link in case the embedded video doesn't work...

So, from this atheist to you, whatever type of believer or non- you might be, Shabbat Shalom.  Whatever kind or length of break you can take, please do so, and have a peaceful and good one.  I will, too.

I think I'll post a few times within the next few weeks, and I may post at least once from the UK.  We'll see!

Good Sabbath!


  1. Congratulations on the new job, the sabbatical, and 10 years in one place! I was with one university for 5 years. That's my record. Four different jobs within the same department. Three and a half was my next best and it went down to 2 and below from there! Hope you're already enjoying the well-deserved break.

    1. Three is my previous record. I never thought I'd be anywhere for 10. I have mixed feelings about it! For now, it's still good, so we'll see if I make it to the 20 year sabbatical. (Part of me cringes at the thought).

      Thanks for the well wishes!


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