Monday, July 21, 2014

Dear Governor,

Dear Governor Pence,

I recently wrote to you regarding my full support of same-sex marriage in our state, and I received a very nice email in return.  Thank you.

However, the following statement in the email from your office is incorrect: "For thousands of years, societies around the world have held that marriage, as the foundation of the family, is the union between a man and a woman."

For thousands of years, sir, there have been all manner of marriage traditions.  In Judeo-Christian scriptures, for example, marriage is defined (both by the deity in those scriptures, as well as those men who many Hoosiers regard as biblical heroes) as one man with many hundreds of women, one man and the woman who he raped and subsequently had to marry, and many other abhorrent scenarios.  Marriage in many cultures and over time has been primarily a purchase--one man purchasing a woman along with animals and other property from her father.  We can see news from the Middle East daily which shows us what that type of marriage looks like.  The kidnapping, the young age of the brides, the lives they lead after their taking.  To some, this is legitimate marriage.

Your presupposition that we follow millennia of a high moral standard regarding marriage is erroneous.  We do not follow the above traditions, because we are not monsters. We know better, and we do better.

So, is allowing two consenting adults who love each other and who wish to build a life together and perhaps a family a breach in morality?  A redefinition of something that was pristine to begin with?  I think not.

As your letter indicated, courts will rule in this matter, and our state will comply.  There is a sense of resignation in that part of the email...or maybe even a little wink?

You know better.  I can tell.  I hope for a time when your party will be grand again and not just old, and that intelligent moderates within it will take the reigns back from those who have made a mockery of it.

Thank you for your time and again for the nice letter.

Your fellow Hanoverian,
Michelle De.Mumbrum '96


  1. Really? That was part of his response? Oh, you are so much more polite than most people would be. I admire you!

    1. I copied and pasted that line from his email, Mitch! Well, the email from his office, anyway. It was followed by the line, "I share this view." Well, okay, but this view is so easily and immediately refuted.

      I was more polite in print than in my mind!

  2. BOOM! My Sister NAILS it! Great response, sis.


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