Saturday, February 15, 2014

So Much for Romance, and Random Stuff

Every year, I get one of these.  EVERY YEAR.  A candy heart that's supposed to read "SO SWEET," but due to bad aim (on a machine's part, I assume) reads instead...

Well, maybe so, but can a girl be taken out to dinner first?  So much for romance. 

I'm missing DNA when it comes to romance and all that stuff.  I'm just not that into...any of it.  However, it looks like I had Cupid on the brain back in '80 (at age 5 and a half).  I drew and wrote on the back inside cover of a New American Standard Gideon Society-distributed New Testament, but my mind wasn't on Golgotha or the Island of Patmos, apparently...

It's so funny to me, because that's my first name, my last initial, my last name, and then my first and last initials.  This makes it look like I have a middle initial (I don't) and that I was a tiny doctor.  :)  Not sure what was going on there!  I only go by "Michelle" around here, but the sharp of eye may have noticed my last name in a few pictures in other posts.  Just for good measure, here it is in Russian...

This was in my old passport, which I recently sent in for renewal.  It's a short-term visa sticker that allowed me to be in Ukraine for two weeks for a mission trip.  (I know!).  I should probably write all about that sometime.

BUT...speaking of Russian visas and missionaries, I recently saw a really decent little indie film called The Saratov Approach, the story of actual events in 1998 when two American Mormon missionaries were held for ransom in a Russian city, not all that far from Ukraine, actually. (Just looked it up--about 700 miles from Kiev).  It made me think of a lot of stuff that I'd really like to write about, so hopefully that will be coming soon. 

I hope everyone had a really nice Valentine's Day! Mine was worse than the ending of the Keira Knightly 'Pride & Prejudice,' but better than getting kidnapped in Russia. So, pretty good. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Just Under the Wire

I joked in my last post that maybe I would get a wrap-up of 2013 finished before St. Valentine's Day.  Well, here we are. 

The best way I can knock this out is to just throw some pictures here from last year and maybe captions.  All of these people and events deserved posts of their own, but that just didn't happen last year!  I'll try to frequent the blog more often in 2014.  I have a few things I'm excited to write about, but we'll see if time allows before the excitement fades. 

2013 was a good year, but I have greater expectations for the current one.  I'll be on my sabbatical from work for the entire month of August and the first week of September.  Unbelievable!  I've been employed with no breaks since I was seventeen years old, and the longest I've had off at a time is two weeks.  Five weeks off in a row seems fantastical.  More exciting is where I plan to go for part of that time.  More on that soon!  Hint:  It required passport renewal.  Oh--and I will turn 40 years of age in that place.  40?!

Here are some pictures that I took last year.  They tell a little about my 2013, I guess.

Saw the Ai Weiwei exhibit

Also caught the film 'Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry.'  Lots of food for thought.

Anyone else see it? 

Exhibit of Islamic art.  Those letters are made of tiny words.  Look!

More from same exhibit--funded and put
together by Brigham Young University.

I have volunteered at a local art gallery for
two years.  This was a temporary window

She's super creepy, and scared the shit
out of me on numerous occasions in the
back supply room.  I was assigned the
duty of taking her apart and packing
her up!

Happy Bird--my niece Ava in mouse glasses
with no lenses.  :)

The homestead.  I grew up here, and my parents have lived here for nearly
50 years.  They have been married for 58 years.  Dad was very ill
and hospitalized for several weeks in the summer, but is much better.

Cousin It at the Arch.


For Gaiman fans...this felt very American Gods-y.

Sat in the 11th row center to see this lady...

...with this gent.

My great nephew Brett (very great, Mitch) at the wedding of my
nephew (his uncle) in west Missouri.  This event allowed for the
visit to the Arch on the way back.  Didn't get to go up this time,
due to the bad timing of the government shutdown.

Party...hosted by nephew.  Dancing happened. 

Loved this musical in Indy!  Friend Amanda
worked the show and got me in (as she does
 a lot) I loved it so much that I incorporated the
logo into my Halloween Poe wreath. 
Nevermore!  Written, composed, directed,
and lead acted by an Indy boy.

Still the one--my bff for 19 years and counting.

Love my little Santas.

Favorite gift received.  Oh, shoot!  Just VERY favorite gift
was from my bro--snuggie that looks
like a Hogwarts Gryffindor uniform. Love.

Favorite gift given.  Barbie defying gravity, and
the gal I gave her to--niece Ava again.