Monday, December 23, 2013

Gossipers, Hindus and Thieves--Oh, My!

These kinds of pictures pop up every once in awhile on various feeds that I follow, and they're so extreme and ridiculous, that I can only laugh.  Whoremongers AND Mormons?  Christ-rejecting Jews AND sin-friendly heresy teachers?  It's really just too much.  Invariably, if this sign or one like it appears on a blog, Twitter, or wherever, commenters have fun counting the number of times they appear on the sign.  I haven't counted mine, but would consider it distasteful to share the number even if I had.  As we learned in Titanic, "A woman's heart is an ocean of secrets." 
Well, readers, no matter how many of these titles (?) apply to you, I want to wish you a very happy Christmas.  I thought about saying that I wish everyone on the sign a Merry Christmas, but not anyone who has ever or who would ever hold such a thing.  Screw it.  I wish them a Merry Christmas, too, and I hope that they get visited by ghosts in the night who, each in turn, show them a perspective that makes them a little kinder by morning.


I really will get back to doing some sort of year end wrap up (since I started thinking about it at Thanksgiving, maybe it will post by St. Valentine's day), but until then, here are a few Christmas songs that reflect my humanist perspective.  For me, they are about winter and waiting and hope.  Oh, my!

Merry Christmas, all.  Even you Mary-worshipping Catholics.


  1. Great music! But that sign.... "HOLY" crap! Who's left??? Ooh, those merciless devils!

    1. All of us on the sign together in one room would make quite a party! I can't imagine what one would expect to accomplish by holding a sign like that. It makes me feel like being even more of an immodest and rebellious woman (number ten on the list).

      I just watched the GMCLA performance you posted. If I weren't so bloated from Christmas dinner (and chocolate), I'd have gotten up and danced along!

  2. Merry Christmas! I hope you and your loved ones are having a great holiday season.

    I counted 18 categories on that sign that I fit into.

    1. Merry Christmas, Ahab! I wish the same for you and yours. I almost want to join the Hare Krishnas (no apostrophe) and get a tattoo just to add two more to my list. Ha!


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