Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Reason: A Short Fright

So, I’m out on the balcony thinking about the fallout that didn’t happen, the shoes that never dropped creating a collective thunder. I made the announcement several times in varying ways, and those who had done so before me talked about the negative reactions, the disownment, the pleas to come home, just believe. For me there was a gesture or two, an open door, but other than that, it was just like the sounds from this balcony…crickets chirping…nothing. I wonder why, and the sole answer, the only one that makes any sense, arrives with the breeze in a soft whisper…

…they don’t really believe it, either…

Happy Halloween, everybody.


  1. Why do I feel so clueless? Did I miss something? I think I know what's going on...

    Michelle, I theen yu got some splainin to do!

    And I sincerely apologize if there was an earlier blog post some time back that explained this all and I missed it.

    1. This is just me bring super vague, Mitch! Where I live, Christianity is the assumed default, so being an atheist requires some manner of a coming out process. I have done so slowly, and other people who have gone through the same thing have told me horror stories of backlash. My experience has been...well...crickets chirping for the most part. This is great...but odd!

    2. Oops..."being," not "bring."

  2. Ohhhh... My extended family is not Christian but they identify with their religion just the same. I know they talk about ME behind my back (because it often gets repeated to me), but they clearly think I'm just suffering a temporary lapse. It's only been 40 years after all; in another 40, I'll come to my senses! Good for you for coming out of the "closet"!

  3. I'm glad your atheist "coming out" process has been free of drama. May it continue to be so.


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