Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend Drama

Foreground:  Larry Savoy as Darren Lemming.  You can
click the picture for a piece on the college website.
Good drama, that is--of the stage and screen variety.

Friday night, I went to a local college for their production of Richard Greenberg's Take Me Out, a play about the events surrounding Darren Lemming, a super-star baseball player who makes waves when he announces publicly that he is gay.  This theater department has never disappointed me, but this was one of the handful of times that the set and performances were so stellar that I felt that I must've traveled far and paid to see it, but did neither.  The acting was electric and consistantly good across the board, which is impressive given that some of the actors were first-timers, and star athletes no less (I know, star jocks trying out for theater--sounds a little Glee-tastic).  It was a good thing that the acting was beyond par, because it would be easy to disconnect from the play and just marvel at the set that was created for Take Me Out.  It was all at once, and with little adjustment between scenes, a locker room with working showers, a bar, and a baseball stadium.  That last one especially is probably hard to swallow, but it worked indescribably well.  Overall, the production was very compelling, and the star player magnetic.

I was really glad that I went, and kicked myself internally for not going to more plays and community artist programs over there.  I'm pretty good about going to every art gallery change, but I need to get back in the habit of catching the theater and music events.  It's local and free, so why not?

The cast of Les Miz blows the roof off the joint.
Sunday night brought the Oscars, of course, and for the third year in a row, I went to a party hosted by my friends Joe and Brian from my film group.  They get a kick out of feeding and entertaining us, and we get a kick out of eating and being entertained, so it's a perfect match.  They are both fantastic in the kitchen, and have a bakery business apart from their day jobs.  The rest of us are all too glad to be guinea pigs to test out their recent creations.  For Oscar night, and other events, they project all of the action onto a big screen, and the result is big fun. 

As for the show, I loved the focus on music this year, with performances from cast members of Chicago, Dreamgirls, and Les Miserables, and even an appearance by Barbra Streisand.  At seventy, she looks and sounds amazing.

I took Monday off of work to recuperate.  Taking the day after the Oscars off seems a little indulgent, but it's becoming an annual tradition for me. I just can't get up and roll with the punches after a late night the way I used to. Am I getting old? Becoming a wuss? Too self indulgent? I'll leave it for your consideration.


  1. I thought about seeing the Oscars someplace public, but all the places that interested me were far from home, relatively speaking, and I didn't wanna have to schlep back home in the wee hours, so I guess I know what you mean!

    I coulda done without most of the musical numbers myself, but it was amazing to see Shirley Bassey sing again.

    No opinion on Seth MacFarlane?

    1. I agree, that was really great to see Shirley Bassey. I hadn't seen/heard her in years. I may be in the minority for liking the musical stuff, but I'm a Broadway lover. I understand that probably wasn't everyone's cup of tea. I thought it was harsh but clever that they used the themes from Jaws and Gone with the Wind to coax people off stage during their speeches. :)

      I really enjoyed Seth. I'm not a super-fan of his, but I thought the schtick with Shatner was funny if a bit too long. Some people were surprised at how well S.M. sang, but I knew that he'd done concerts at impressive venues like Albert Hall. Overall he did a great job, but I wasn't hugely surprised to hear that he's not going to do it next year.

      After the Golden Globes, I'm one of those annoying fangirls who thinks that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler should always host everything now and forever. :)


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