Monday, August 27, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Artsy Stuff, Interrupted

I've been working on a few artsy-type things, which always makes me feel charged up.  It also creates the illusion that my mind is active and engaged, and my hands skilled at something.  No matter how well things start out, I end up keenly aware that everything I make looks like something that could end up on Regretsy: Where DIY Meets WTF?.  As I plan to keep all of these items and not try to sell them or force them on others, they (thankfully) won't be pictured beside some of the porcelain and crochet abortions that are featured on that site.  Here's a little tour of my unfinished projects.

This is a typeface/letterpress drawer that I bought a long time ago at one of those stores that's like an ongoing flea market.  I tried hanging it and filling it with little doodads, but it always looked a little frumpy.  I took out the doodads for awhile, and that didn't look right, either (though drawers like this can look really great as found art on their own in the right setting).  I decided to paint it and see what happened...

Here it is hanging on my bedroom wall.  I left some of the spaces unpainted so the antiquity of the piece isn't completely lost.  It turned into a mini-installation, as I found an old cheesebox (Huh? That's what it said on the label) at the same store and painted it as well.  I chose the colors because they were the ones I had in the form of acryllic paint--purple, blue, lime green, and white to mix in and make the three lighter shades of those three.  I count this as unfinished (interrupted), because I want to find a third little partitioned piece of some kind and hang it along with these two. 


Ok, don't judge.  This is a Palmist's sign that I'm making specifically to hang at Halloween.  The hand is one of those inserts that you get inside a (cheap) pair of gloves, and ages ago when working on another project, I had put it in tea in order to make it stain and look aged.  The other hand was used in another Halloween-y project.  This one sat around forever in a drawer with crafty stuff, so I took it out, decoupaged it to a cheap wooden plaque I had bought at Goodwill and had painted a metallic blue color, again, because I happened to have it.  On a whim, I glued on my old Emmaus cross.  The sign remains as pictured, but I think I'll paint the edge of the placque black (and slip out the back, Jack).  I'll do some kind of doodling or writing around the hand.  We'll see.


More non-judgement is required here.  This guy has been in my head for a couple of years, and I'm glad he's starting to take form.  The name of this is Steampunk Portrait, and I've been saving the little doodads for his face for awhile.  This is just a sketch of him--he will be painted.  More of him will be mixed media, as I have old striped pajama bottoms saved to make his suit, and I'll do something so his top hat will be 3D.  I love him so.  I think he's dashing. 

Even if you're tempted, please don't start up a website called TGINFS.