Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Last Post Continued...

In my last post, I was answering questions posed about my blog.  As I mentioned last time, I was tagged for this set of queries by Rich from the fantastic film review blog called Wide Screen World, and here are his answers.  I'm to choose past posts of mine that fit these categories.  Onward!

The Most Controversial Piece

I suppose in the context of my blog, any piece could be considered controversial wherein I speak of my change of views regarding faith and religion, particularly to those who have known me for a very long time.  The funny thing is, I really started this blog so that I could post photos of different art projects and anything creative that I might be up to.  Very quickly, this place became a mish-mash of stuff, and a common theme around here is religion.  At the time I'm writing this, the largest tag in my cloud to the right is RELIGION.  It's a topic I frequently visit, so it's sort of second nature to me now.

The first time I wrote about my changing beliefs felt a little tenuous, just because it wasn't something I was speaking about publicly a lot yet.  Here is the first post about religion, and I remember clicking "publish" after writing it and wondering what would come of it all.


Here is one that has been misunderstood, and therefore I suppose is a bit controversial.  A few people spoke to me about this, and thought that I was saying that Christians should not get tattoos.  I don't care if Christians get tattoos.  I think that those Christians who get tattoos should be consistent and not oppose homosexuality, because the same passage in the Bible "discourages" both.  God hates tats!!!

Bible Buffet

The Most Surprisingly Successful Piece

I don't know if this makes it successful, but I got several text messages about this post...people thought it was funny, I guess.  It's kind of a tidy little entertainment piece.  I remember thinking about it during a boring day at work, and working it out in my head.

Television is Over

The Most Underrated Piece

I don't really know how to judge if any post is underrated, nor do I know if I've ever written anything that is worthy to be highly or even moderately rated!  As I scroll through past posts, though, I see that these are a couple of posts which go together and some who have come to the blog more recently may find them fun.  Or not.  But here they are!

Magneto von Bulow, Part I
Magneto von Bulow, Part II

The Most Pride-worthy Piece

The pride here is for my friend and our Alma Mater.