Friday, April 20, 2012

A Very Young Rachel Maddow, Already Kicking Ass

My sister sent me this video today.  I love that the intelligence and snark were already in place.  That voice is  unmistakable, even with all of that blonde hair!*

*Oops!  Sorry, Tina Fey.  YELLOW hair.  (See Bossypants).

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  1. I wish to add here that, though I am beyond appreciative of her skills as a talking head and am grateful for her voice as an explosive light amidst a bastion of right wing darkness and crazy talk...I want her to run for office!!! Pick an office, any office. Someone somewhere should benefit from that brain of hers other than from just gathering information that she presents on MSNBC.

    This woman is brilliant. This high school speech was better than the speech given by my college graduating class valedictorian.

    Also, how great is it that she's wearing socks with Birkenstocks at her graduation?


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