Friday, April 20, 2012

Tired of Omelettes and Quiche...

...but having fun with the shells.

Here's the progression of an egg getting wax and dye in stages.  After the last color, you hold the egg over a candle and wipe off the wax as it melts. Voila!

The wax protected everything I wanted to be white from the yellow dye.

Before adding wax to all of the space that I wanted to stay red.

Wax sealed off the red from the black dye.

Hold it over the candle, wipe, repeat.

Wipe a little off, and the design starts to come through.

My dining table looks like a meth lab.


  1. This is beautiful! It would have been fun to learn to do it with you. I hope your dining room SMELLS better than a meth lab! (I hate that smell.)

    1. No complaints from neighbors or visits from the law, so it must be ok. :) I'm sure the "fragrance" from a meth lab would be awful!

      I think I'll continue to practice. The wooden eggs I bought in Ukraine have much prettier designs on them than mine, and I wonder that there are people who can make them in the traditional way with those results!

  2. I think, if you haven't tried frittatas yet, you can dp so and have a few more materials to make more awesome designs on shells ;)

    1. Heh, I guess I needed autocorrect to change my 'dp' into the 'do' I intended!

    2. Frittatas...excellent suggestion!

      Hey, we'll have to chat soon about the visit this fall and nail down dates. I've got the time off, so we can get specific. I'm excited about this trip!!!

    3. Oh yeah, definitely! I'm really looking forward to your visit! :) LMK when a good time is for you, and I can give you a call, or vice versa!


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