Sunday, April 29, 2012

7x7 Award

Rich, who writes a wonderful blog entitled Wide Screen World, tagged me awhile back for something called the 7x7 award.  Here goes!

First, I'm supposed to tell something about myself that no one knows.

Some people know this, of course, but most who read this blog probably don't.  I was in a car accident when I was nearly ten years old.  I was in a van filled with my mom, sisters, niece and nephew.  We were in Illinois, and  there was an accident that caused our van to go off of the road and roll four times.  I have worn a seat belt every single time I've ridden in a car save that time.  I'd had it on, but my nephew, who was a toddler at the time, had fallen asleep next to me and was pushing over against me.  I took off my seat belt so I could scoot over a little farther and not have him right up in my grill.  (In those days, toddlers his age didn't ride in car seats, but he had his seat belt on).

Anywhoodles, our van rolled around with me going about like a pinball.  When the van stopped rolling, and thankfully it stopped right side up, I had landed in a seated position on a tricycle that was in the storage area in the back of the van.  It had been mine and my siblings' before me each in turn, and was being given to my nephew.  I was fine save a few scratches, but a few of my sisters had much worse injuries--no worries, all survived and are good as new, though one sister had a long recovery.

My mother had a small cut on her head that took maybe eight stitches to fix, not a big deal, but I very vividly remember my mom with blood all over her face from that small cut.  I knew she was alright, because she was walking around holding my niece who was a baby, but it was a scary sight.  My brother and dad had a very scary ride out to come see us, because the hospital folks basically wouldn't tell them anything.

Oh, I should say that it was very serendipitous that right behind the accident were two car loads of doctors and nurses carpooling on their way to work.  That was a good thing, indeed, and I look back with fondness to those people and the help they readily gave.  Some who hear the story say, "Oh, they must have been angels."  Nope.  They were people--people with specialized training that was hard won and learned over many years of study.  I don't know their names, but I thank them, and all who make their living cleaning up the bad things that can happen when the human frame meets something stronger, heavier, and coming much too quickly.

The whole thing was such a defining moment in our family at the time, but now we hardly ever think of it--I don't, anyway.  Every once in awhile it comes up in conversation, and we all kind of have a moment of gratitude that we're all still around.

Sorry if that brought the mood down!  On to the next things.  I'm supposed to link to posts of mine that I think fulfill these titles.

The Most Beautiful Piece

I haven't written a beautiful piece, not even once, but I've been in some beautiful places and taken pictures.  Easily the most beautiful place I've ever seen is Ireland, and here are two posts that have pretty pictures of it.

Ireland Photos
More Ireland Photos

The Most Helpful Piece

Gosh, I can't think of anything helpful on this blog, ever.  In this little post, I guess I was trying to be helpful, if in a sarcastic way, to a televangelist.  It's interesting for me to see that I mention my old church, which I really wasn't attending anymore by that time.  Maybe I had attended a few times at the end of 2010.  The memory fades...

Love, Sarcasmo

Most Popular Piece

I get a ton of hits on posts that mention any celebrity or pop culture icon, as is evidenced in my "Greatest Hits" column somewhere on the right.  These hits are from Google searches, obviously, so they really don't count as most people probably move right on when they get or don't get the picture or info they wanted.  (Paranthetically, my blog recently came up for someone who was searching for "satanic paraphernalia."  I rather like this.  Also, I feel really sorry for those searching for tchotchkes with the phrase "I'm keeping Christ in Christmas" only to find my post entitled, "I'm keeping Christ in Christmas, and Stretched Across My Tits).

Anyway, apart from pop culture stuff, the post that has had most hits to date is this one.  It got a shit ton of hits because Kiley posted it somewhere, and she is super famous.  :)

But How Seriously Did You Take it, Michelle?

To be continued!


  1. This is a great post. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get directed back to posts I missed (before you and I connected). So glad you all survived that frightening accident.

    Is "Anywhoodles" Indianese?

  2. I think "Anywhoodles" must be Ned Flanders-speak (from The Simpsons). Either I took it from him or adapted it. :)

  3. Somehow I didn't see your blog before when you first starting following mine. But today, as I was poking around, I found it!! It's great to be back in touch with you, Michelle.

    1. Charity, I'm loving your Paris posts! I'm so thrilled that you guys got to go, and even more so since you're generously sharing your pictures and stories. :)

      Glad to be in touch with you, too. It doesn't matter how many years have flown by--you're still in the VIP Hall of Fame of Michelle' favorite people ever! (Which only exists in my mind, but, you know. Still good). :)


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