Monday, March 19, 2012

Based on the New Dark Shadows Trailer...

This... to this... this... to this.
If I didn't really adore so many of their mutual creations, I might've titled this post "Burton, Depp Screw Pooch."  I also love screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith for his book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but that was clearly parody, and no mistaking it.  If the new movie had the title Dark Shadows and Beetlejuice and That Movie Where Brendan Frasier Comes out of the Bomb Shelter for the First Time, I would have been fully prepared for this trailer

Who knows, maybe the movie will be good, but that is not something I'll find out in a dark theater!


  1. LOL, I love the comparison!

    You know, I have really mixed feelings about TB's Dark Shadows after seeing a few trailers for it, too. My reaction was pretty much: WTF?!?

    I'm with you that normally TB does a pretty decent job, but I think he bombed big time with his version of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. (It's HARD to follow up Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka, and Depp's WW, IMO, just gave off a creepy pervy vibe).

    But yeah. I think I might have to let other ppl screen TB's DS before I dare even venture to see it ;) WTF ;)

  2. WTF was my reaction, too. A friend of mine who loves DS and was really looking forward to the movie got this really sick look on her face and asked if I'd seen the trailer. I was amused at her deep loathing until I pulled it up and watched it. Ugh! I saw it for the first time at the movies this week, and hated it even harder on the big screen! The funny thing is, I heard a few whispered "What the hell?"s around me, and smiled.

  3. haha! That's hilarious about the reaction in the theaters! It kind of makes you wonder what in the world TB and co. are thinking. And, if he heard the reaction of folks like you and me, would he be worried, or would he be more like: "Just you wait..."

    I'm afraid I'll need a lot of persuasion ;)

  4. The dark and brooding parts look pretty cool--that's what I was expecting for the movie with perhaps some snark on the side. Silly me, I was expecting drama and horror! I know we're not alone. The comments on the trailer on YouTube are mostly WTF plus a little "I've never heard of Dark Shadows, but this looks awesome!" 0__o

    So, so glad he didn't slaughter Sweeney. (Ha).


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