Saturday, March 31, 2012

Favorite Things...or...Hi, Game of Thrones. Let's Make Out.

My favorite things tend to have some things in common:
  • The first page of the book is a map
  • There is a flyer in the dvd packaging advertising high-priced collectibles
  • Among said collectibles, there is a set of swords, usually available in life-size and letter opener-size.
  • A host of new symbology which offers up new tattoo possibilities (tattoos that I proceed never to get)
  • Houses/families/ kingdoms from which to choose, pledge faelty, then defend to the death, even when that means verbally shaming those who disagree, while looking at them with a mixture of pity and disgust.
  • Trees with faces and/or personalities
  • A race of platinum blondes
  • Magic and supernatural happenings
  • Here thar be dragons...and their eggs (which often look like something Nate Berkus would arrange on a coffee table beside a candle and a block of coral).
I think you get it by now, and can name some of the fandoms (barf) of which I speak.  

Separate from these types of series, I also really, really love zombies and kraken.  I like the former whether they are found in movies or literature such as Night of the Living Dead (the 1968 George A. Romero film), the current AMC series The Walking Dead, or Dead Men Working in the Cane Fields (a portion of the 1929 book The Magic Island by W. B. Seabrook). I like the latter whether they appear in works like Kraken by China Mieville and the Cthulhu mythos by H. P. Lovecraft (I'll never know how it took me so long to start reading him) or are found in the form of Kraken Spiced Rum, also frought with expensive paraphernalia.

It's a shame that the type of fantasy series described above could never include zombies and kraken.  OR COULD IT???

Imagine my surprise when I received my copy of the HBO series Game of Thrones (based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin) a few days after its release, and when delving into it learned that there is a zombie-like menace collectively known as the White Walkers and that the House of Greyjoy has as their sigil a golden kraken on a black field!  I don't know how much the books go into this, but I read somewhere that the origin of the Greyjoy symbol goes back to the family's worship of the god kraken, similar to Dagon who is found in Lovecraft stories and the Old Testament.

Besides the fantasy, zombies, and kraken (oh, my!), the show is brimming with sexual energy, even to the point that a term, sexposition, has been coined to describe Games' tendency to take care of exposition whilst the characters are having sex with prostitutes or some similar erotic activity.  The men in the show are a throng of dirty shirtless lovelies, who, when they aren't shirtless, are either clanging around in really cool armor or are berobed in gray and black fur.  In addition, my number one lady crush of all time, Lena Headey, plays my favorite character, Queen Cercei Lannister.  She and her brother Jaime are always plotting, and her son Joffrey is a little bystart who makes Draco Malfoy seem like Cindy Brady.'s already happening.  Your eyes are blurring over, and you're getting lost in the inane lingo.  Unknowingly, you have a kinship with my co-workers who are strangers to you, but a mere ONE DAY into my Game of Thrones obsession were having to hear me spout off such nonsense as, "Of course, we all know the phrase, rich as a Lannister" or when I hand them some quarters for the soda machine, "A Lannister ALWAYS pays his debts."  A friend has had to endure this preface to a few text messages: "Greetings, my Sun and Stars..."

So, if you're walking along with a friend (or companion who is a sworn brother of The Wall) and see me driving by, and I roll down my window and shout, "In a GAME of THRONES you LIVE or you DIE...YOU LIVE OR YOU DIE!!!!" just roll your eyes, and say, "Michelle has a new favorite thing."

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blag Talk

I must be brief, but I'm excited to report that I got to meet the Blag Hag and hear her speak! The topic was Indiana Theocracy. I'll post more about that and provide some links soon. I come away informed and infuriated, so mission accomplished, Jen!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Based on the New Dark Shadows Trailer...

This... to this... this... to this.
If I didn't really adore so many of their mutual creations, I might've titled this post "Burton, Depp Screw Pooch."  I also love screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith for his book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but that was clearly parody, and no mistaking it.  If the new movie had the title Dark Shadows and Beetlejuice and That Movie Where Brendan Frasier Comes out of the Bomb Shelter for the First Time, I would have been fully prepared for this trailer

Who knows, maybe the movie will be good, but that is not something I'll find out in a dark theater!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

It Gets Better--McGraw-Hill and Tim Gunn

These videos never get old for me. I'd never seen this one from the great-looking folks at McGraw-Hill. Wonderful job, all!

Nor had I seen this one by Tim Gunn. I love him so much, and this video made my heart grow three sizes. By the end, I was so weepy, I needed him here to make me over.

You beautify the world, Tim (and, indeed, the McGraw-Hill group), just by being in it.