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Movie of My Life Blogathon

Everyone should check out Rich's blog, Wide Screen World.  His movie blog is so unique, because he not only gives his thoughts on films (mainstream to cult, to classic, to arthouse), but he also shares his experience with the film...where he saw it, what were the circumstances, any special event that might have been happening at the screening, memories associated with the film's theme, etc.  I love his approach, and he has great stories.  One that leaps to mind is the one about his virgin experience at Rocky Horror.  I would hunt down that link, but I think that if you are so inclined you should just take a look at his blog and see what interests you.

He's playing host to a blogathon entitled Movie of My Life!  I'm to cast myself and other figures in my life, and I'm going to do so based on celeb look-alikes and also just in general based on how they've performed in past roles.

Here's the cast...

Janeane Garofalo as...Me

Eric Stoltz as...My bff Chris
Just looking at these actors and imagining them as me and Chris just makes me laugh so much!  We two would be the focus of this (incredibly boring, 28% on Rotten Tomatoes) movie.  The casting is a bit of a cheat, because these two are about a decade older than we, and this movie would cover an 8-day whirlwind trip that Chris and I took when we were in our early twenties.  The casting below is off due to dodgey ages, too, but this is my film!  My life!  I'm the decider!!!

The trip we took found us in the following cities:  Phoenix, Tuscon, Las Vegas, San Diego, Tijuana, LA, and back around to Phoenix to fly back (I can't remember if we flew out of Louisville or Indianapolis--I think the latter).  It was filled with a lot of hilarity, including a fun visit with our friend Liz at Fuller Seminary.  We pretended that he wasn't gay and that we were a couple and that we weren't staying in Liz's room, as this was verboten.  Of course, the pretending that we were a couple and that he wasn't gay wasn't necessary, but we were young, and this seemed funny.  We were expecting the seminarians to be torch-wielding villagers, though many were quite liberal.  We wore rings even, and much like Richard Chamberlain's clergy vestments in The Thorn Birds, Chris's ring chafed him, so he took it off.

The main event of this trip was a wedding, and this one had two grooms.  They were friends of Chris, and he was singing at their ceremony--Grow old along with me/the best is yet to be....  It was on Halloween, and it was awesome.  Of course, those who attended the wedding were asked to please wear costumes.  I was a red shirt from Star Trek, who had clearly walked the path that all red shirts must walk...dirt, bruise and abrasion make-up, etc.  Chris was a crazy character from some soap opera, except when he sang, at which point he dressed up.  The grooms were very handsome in tuxedos and top hats, and were carrying canes.  They presented each other with gifts during the ceremony, and one of them was wrapped a little too well.  The groom was struggling to open it, and a female attendant shouted, "OK, where's a lesbian with a pocket knife?"  Everyone laughed.  It was the best wedding I've ever been to before or since.  The Unitarian Universalist pastor who presided over the affair should be played by Meryl Streep.

We had lots of adventures along the way, and we have taken many trips since.  I think this film would cheat a bit beyond the age issues, in that I would put in some of our stories from other vacations.  Like the time when we went back to Vegas, ran into Celine Dion's husband as he came out of her auditorium at Caesar's Palace and chatted him up.  That was one of those surreal moments that is just funny because of how random it is.  This film would definitely have the scene where Chris had to run out into the desert to pee, and I suppose it would have to have the scene where he accidentally saw my boobs (gay guys and their hags--it happens). 

This would be a road trip movie--episodic, loose, and wandering around some illusive point.  In order to include others, I think I would have other people in my life as voices in my head, some from the future, even, because I didn't even know some of these people yet.  But here they are, because they are in my life, and they have obvious (at least to me) actor look alikes.  Here they are...

Tom Hanks as...My awesome brother, Gary

Amanda Seyfried as...My L'ville friend, Heidi
The pictures are giving me fits, so here is a list.  Anyone reading this who is included in the film:  If you have beef with this casting, I will send you the specific pictures which prove that these are, in fact, your celebrity dopplegangers!

John Krasinski as...My friend, Jeff
Nicole Kidman as...My Northeast friend, Heidi
Willie Garson (Stanford from Sex and the City) as...My friend Jack
Sarah Silverman as...My friend, Sarah
Audrey Wasilewski (Pam from Big Love) as...My friend, Amanda
Ashley Tisdale as...My friend, Jackie 
Vera Farmiga as...My friend, Helen
Ellen DeGeneres as...The lady on the airplane who looked like Ellen DeGeneres

The list could go on, but there you go.  That's my road trip movie.  Just doing this sketchy description makes me want to write a story about it, and really I did.  When I got back from this trip, I typed out a several page mini-memoir of what happened, and I'm so glad.  When I go back and read it, there are so many things there that I would have forgotten, and Chris would have, too.  Perhaps I'll post that as a series someday.

I don't know what the ending of the movie would be, but I know something about the end of my life. 

I'll still be friends with Chris.


    It's one of my favorite posts too!

    A gay wedding on Halloween... That must've been awesome. I'd watch that movie.

    Thanks much.

    1. Thanks for giving that link, Rich! I believe that was one of the first few posts of yours that I read. :)

      You're welcome, and thanks for the great idea.

  2. This was fun to read through! I remember hearing about your trip and how much fun you and Chris had.

    And Nicole Kidman! Hehe, cool! Is that because I told you about the lady who told me I looked like her? (I still don't quite get that one, but hey... I wasn't going to argue!)

    1. Glad you liked it! I'll post my journal of the whole trip sometime soon. That was a whirlwind!

      Yes, that's why I cast you as NK, but I totally found a picture of her that proves it! I saw it, and went, "YES!"

    2. Come now, you have to post said picture as proof! :)

    3. Here are a few urls...I can totally see it!

      Both from the fabulous Moulin Rogue. :)

    4. Damn autocorrect!!! I'm going Rouge, not Rogue. lol


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