Monday, December 19, 2011

A Wicked/Omens Love Child, and Other Things Making Me Grin

I was doing my level best to be a Grinch this year, but a few more things other than these have brought me out of my Christmas slump. Some are at least mildly Christmas-y, some are not.

When Neil Gaiman makes a baby with Wicked

This is the most brilliant crossover piece I've seen in ages...maybe ever.  Star-Surfer, a Spanish chick on Deviant Art, created this crazy smart cover for Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's Good Omens, one of my favorite books, in an homage to the now iconic poster for Wicked, my favorite musical (and one of my favorite things, period). I...LOVE...THIS.  Dude, instead of the little green witch symbol on the broom over the title, there is a green Bentley.  Seriously cool.  THANK YOU, STAR-SURFER!!!  She also has a cute cartoon that  has Harry Potter visiting Dr. House.  Nice.

Christmas Special, Blaine and Kurt Style

This was brill.  I wish the entire episode had been in this old-timey Christmas show style instead of just the fifteen or twenty minutes that they did.  Bravo to the two men, and  to whomever put together this stunning set--so authentic!  These two look like they were pulled right out of this era.  I wanted to move in to this scene!

Holiday Hits

I'm getting tons of hits on my blog for one particular post that I did on the fictional (but delish) holiday cocktail, The Blue Marilyn.  Searched for phrases include, "Will and Grace Blue Marilyn," "Will's mom's secret drink," "Blythe Danner anti-suicide drink," and more.  The hits have come from all over the U.S., but as nearby as Indianapolis.  They have come internationally from as far as Croatia and, inexplicably, Saudi Arabia.  I can only imagine that much of the Blue traffic has to do with people throwing holiday bashes, and wanting that extra zingy cocktail that, as Will's mom promises, both staves off suicide and is fun.  Drink up, partiers, whether you're under the lights of Hanukkah, standing next to the creche, or bellowing out a hearty, "Io, Saturnalia!"  Drink up even more if you're gearing up for the Festivus airing of grievances and feats of strength.  A Blue Marilyn goes with anything.

(I'm going to mix one up and watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on PBS on Wednesday night after I get back from yet another Christmas party.  Just because the MoTabs can't indulge doesn't mean I can't while hearing them sing.  Also, I'm mixing some up for my friend Jack on Christmas night after our family get togethers are over.  We may need it.).


I had a veritable Holmes orgy this weekend, watching the BBC Sherlock series on Netflix, going to the theater to see Sherlock Holmes:  A Game of Shadows, and then, whilst finishing up Christmas wrapping and card writing, I popped in the dvd of the movie that started it all for me, Young Sherlock Holmes.  When this movie came out in 1985, I was eleven.  After seeing it with my childhood bff, Jennifer, I went straight home and started reading the Sherlock Holmes stories.  I'd read them all, including the Holmes novels by about a year later.  This sparked a love of reading in me that reminds me of how kids today talk about how Harry Potter began their love of books (and there is a connection there--Chris Columbus wrote the screenplay of YSH and directed the first two Potter films).  It was a great weekend getting back into my love affair with Holmes, the drug-addicted, asexual misogynist.  God, I love that man.

I beg you to watch the new BBC series if you love Sherlock Holmes.  The way they keep the spirit of the original stories by Doyle, while adding text messaging, modern sensibilities and the London's just stunning and gorgeous.  Love it.  Nobody does it like BBC.

Anyway, those are the things that are making me cheerful in midwinter.  Those, and people I love and who love me back.  Life is a fine thing indeed.


  1. Mmm, Sherlock :) Just recently watched those on Netflix, too. I really enjoyed them and wished there were more (well, there are now... just not on netflix!). I think it's so funny that those two are also going to be in the upcoming Hobbit movie. I can't look at Watson without going, "BILBO BAGGINS!"

    I haven't seen the new RDJ movie, but the first one was a lot of fun!

    And didn't we re-warch YSH way back in college, or am I mis-remembering? I know we talked about it way back when. Love love love that soundtrack... especially the "Rame Tep" chant :)

  2. I can't wait for the new episodes to be available! People laugh when I say that the first season (series, as the Brits say) only has three episodes, but then I say, "Well...each one is 90 minutes, though--features in themselves!" I know, I love that he's Bilbo! That guy was born to play a hobbit. The trailer for that is awesome! Oh, what a long year to wait...and then we'll have to wait for part two! Ah, pain can be beautiful in its way...I didn't know that "Sherlock" is in it, too? Sweet!

    I enjoyed the new RDJ much better than the first! Very fun, and I like their take on Moriarty. Evil to the core, man.

    I believe we did watch YSH together, and we most certainly talked about it. Whenever I find someone who has even seen it I get excited, so when someone has seen it and loved it, I know that person is my soul sister or brother. :) Your love of it was just one of the many things that made me think, "Oh, yeah, Heidi's a keeper."

    Rame Teeehhhhp...RAME TEP...Rame Teeehhhhp... lol That soundtrack is flipping awesome, and the opening theme always makes my heart leap. My elementary school bff Jennifer and I saw it in the theater, and were obsessed with it. I had a mini crush on her brother because he always had the coolest stuff, and one of the items that I loved that he had was the YSH soundtrack...on a record!!! The sleave for that was so awesome. I wonder if he still has it. If I ever see one of those in a used record store I will so get it. I still have a YSH poster that I bought way back when. I had it up in college, maybe that's why we first talked about it!

    Ok, now I need to watch it again!!!

  3. I meant to respond to this sooner -- but yeah, Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be Smaug. I'm thinking it's just going to be his voice and not the actor, but mmm, what a voice ;)

    1. That is just going to be awesome. :)

      I follow a blogger who has been reviewing the new Sherlock episodes. They sound awesome! Yet another thing I'll have to wait for with breathless anticipation!

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