Saturday, November 26, 2011

How-Did-I-Miss-This Files

Maybe I should change my subscription from Day Old News to Behind the Times (copyright Jack McFarland).  Here's some stuff I missed from 2010 and backward, within the categories of science, politics, and art.

Another reptile lineage switches from egg-laying to live birth.  It just switched.  Because live birth is better.  Did they say another?  What?!  I need to read more books and view more programs about actual, the kind that doesn't involve flying dragons, blue phone booths and people with scissors for hands.

Here's a short video that wasn't exactly earth-shattering news in politics last year, but it demonstrates very well why I love, love, love Rachel Maddow.  Love.  Smart and funny are my two favorite things, and in her line of work, lethal to the crazies who try to get away with shit.

In the realm of music and art, I can't believe I missed this, simply because it involves my favorite singer, Sara  Bareilles.  I not only love this song, but the animation to go with it is just stunning--beautiful, brooding and nostalgic, punctuated with hope.  The animated Sara and Ingrid are adorable, and they give me a spark of hapiness going into winter, to which I was not looking forward.  I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas music, so this song is a nice antidote.  Props to Dorothy for posting this video.

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