Sunday, November 6, 2011

Formspring--Sunday Mornings

Question:  Where do you attend church?

Depending on my mood...

Church of the Big Awesome Breakfast
Church of Laundry and NPR
Church of Great Cinema
Church of CBS Morning News and Face the Nation
Church of Simply Saturdays
Church of Great Books
Church of Choosing My Friends Based on Common Interests
Church of Giving to Causes that are Helpful to People
Church of Resting
Church of Freethinking
Church of the Arts
Church of Mind, Body and Spirit
Church Not Tainted by Politics
Church of Ongoing Learning
Church of No Guilt
Church of Goodness and Decency for its Own Sake
Church of Human Rights and Social Justice
Church of Balance
Church of Sanity
Church of Including Everyone
Church of Being Good to the Planet
Church of Catching up on Errands and Chores
Church of Hanging out With Friends
Church of Living According to the Moral Compass that Has Always Been Inside

...and once in awhile, the Unitarian Universalist church in a neighboring city, only because I want to, and because it stands for all of the above as much as or more than I do.


  1. Good list. Does a weekly meditation group count as "church"?

  2. Yes, I would say so, if you want it to. :) For my purposes I was both listing what I do with Sunday mornings now, and activities that fulfill what church was (or should have been) doing in my life. Weekly meditation would be great--that's something I should get into.

  3. P.S. Kiley, you may have already seen it but I did find the link to that short film I mentioned. I posted it back on your make-up post.

  4. CHurch of resting, that sounds like a good one...

  5. I think that's the one I need to attend this weekend, Yeti. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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