Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two Spooks and a Day of the Dead Skull

J'adore Halloween, but just didn't have the "umf" to put out a bunch of stuff this year.  One day, I begrudgingly opened my Halloween box, and right on the top were these cute little spooks I made last year with my art group.  They're papier mache little guys, and we used the prefabricated craft gauze stuff. You take strips of the gauze dipped in water and pretend like you're making a little cast on your finger (pick a finger, any finger). Wait until it dries a bit, scoot it off of your finger, then you drape a piece of wet gauze over it. (Vaseline on your finger first will help the scooting, but we didn't use it). Work with the sheet until it looks how you want it to. After it dries, Sharpie on the eyes. Voila!

Super cute

Just as cute going as coming

Use it for a finger puppet!

This year, we went to the same lady's house for our Halloween meeting, and she taught us to draw not-so-cute, but really cool Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) skulls. She knew we would be intimidated by the awesome ones she found online, so she led us through a doodling exercise before she even told us what we were doing. Very smart! (She's one of two art teachers in our group. We're grateful for these gurus!).

Here's mine. I want to make a few more and think they'll turn out better, but this wasn't bad for my first try. I'll lay this right at the top of my Halloween box of decorations so as to freak myself out next year when I open it! This year, I only put out my two wee spooks, but I vow to go whole hog next Halloween (and Dia de los Muertos) season.

Happy Halloween weekend. Make something fun or creepy--even if it's just a doodle!