Thursday, October 6, 2011

It Gets Better RH

I know, I'm supposed to be on sabbatical from this, but this is too important to wait. I have reason to be happy and proud when this company makes good. Well done, all.

(And now, I slip back into the darkness...).


  1. This was one of the most awesome ones I've seen! I passed it onto a few Facebook groups. Thanks!

    (I wish you weren't on sabbatical..)

  2. Thanks for passing it on! I know, this one really pulled my heart strings. I love that these are people who didn't have a voice, somewhere along the way found their voices, and now they have a platform from which to speak. I teared up watching it the first time yesterday.

    As for my break from blogging, you can see how well that's working, lol.

    Off topic, I thought of you last night when my friend who moved to DC texted me about their roller derby teams. They're called "Scare Force One" and "Majority Whips." How great are those names?!! :)

  3. Oh, P.S.--I love your blog's makeover!

  4. This was seriously one of the best videos I have seen.

    I actually just found a skate park right by my house... Downside is that my students would see me there... I am so not graceful. Those are AWESOME names for teams.


  5. The perils of being a teacher. :)


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