Thursday, September 15, 2011

Message from Ozzy

Halloween 2010 Michelle had a very important message for September 15th, 2011 Michelle.  It arrived via Microsoft Office pop-up window a few hours ago, and this is how it read:

Don't wear a Halloween costume to work!  In 2010, the festivities were at lunch, and it was too freaking hot and uncomfortable!!!  Cheers, Ozzy
Last Halloween, I dressed as Ozzy Osbourne upon the request of a co-worker (there was this Wizard of Ozzy thing going on).  I normally wear a costume to work on Halloween, anyway. The festivities in previous years had been first thing in the morning, so after pictures and all of  the normal bollocks that goes on, you could shed some layers.  I usually don't, however, participate in the high school-esque antics that surround that day at my place of business, but they had me at "Will you be Ozzy?"

Warning from the past duly noted. I may just wear my "Boo" t-shirt this year. I'd totally forgotten the heat and discomfort of wearing the Ozzy stuff for most of the day. Halloween 2010 Michelle foresaw this, and I thank her for it.


  1. Note from Auntie Agatha: Pain is temporary, but photos of an unbelievably awesome costume are forever!

  2. I solumnly swear to wear a tricked-out costume this year...but not to work!! :)

    I also solumnly swear to send you the pics from our visit, and possibly a few of Ozzy, the prince of darkness him/herself. :)

  3. P.S. I remember being a little aghast that I had everything I needed for a great Ozzy costume already in my closet, jewelry box, etc... :) Man, I'm dark!


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