Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If Tyra Banks Can Do It...

I've been thinking about participating in Nanowrimo--National Novel Writing Month. You begin writing on November 1st and finish up on November 30th, no using previously written material, no starting ahead of time (other than maybe a general outline and some research). By the end of the month you need to have a 50,000 word novel. If you do, you win the thrill of victory and a little banner for your blog. If you don't...well, at least you gave it a go.

The liberating thing is, the home page of this thing states that what you will probably end up with is a pile of crap. The point is, though, that you commit to writing regularly (probably everyday) and you get lots of good practice. At the end of the month you have a decent sized piece to edit and add to.

I was about 50/50 over whether I would do it or not, when I sauntered by the magazines at the grocery store. I was looking for Martha Stewart's Halloween magazine (awesome as always). Anyway, to the left I saw the books (does anyone buy books at the grocery store?), and there was Tyra Banks' new novel, Modelland.

Screw it. I can do this.


  1. I am doing this as well. My daughter did it last year and really enjoyed herself. She sold me on the idea. :)

  2. Cool! We will have to commiserate. :)

  3. So, I just saw this, long after commenting on your other post. I R srow.


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