Saturday, September 10, 2011

Getting Ready for Katy

Chris surprised me with a stay at the Galt House, so we've got a nice river view while we get ready for Katy Perry. :) There's a skywalk over to the venue, so we're going to walk somewhere close by for a relaxed dinner, then put on our cupcake bras and get over there (ha).

Pride Night at King's Island was awesome! No lines, so we did everything we wanted in the park. September is the perfect time to go, too--it was so cool and breezy, with no mass of humanity stinking to Jupiter. I must say, too, that the crowd was much more neat, clean, civilized and well dressed than your typical summer freak show at KI. The gays know how to represent! Lots of cute couples, lots of fun. The park is getting ready for Halloween, so that was cool to see, too.

Ok, off to dinner, then Katy!!!


  1. I love the music video for that song!

    Have fun!!!

  2. We had ball! She put on a killer show. :)


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