Sunday, September 18, 2011

Big Laugh

In a post awhile back, I laughed at/was pissed off by a Plugged In movie review. For whatever masochistic reason, I decided to look up what they thought of my Big Love. I found a review of the pilot from back in 2006.  Fortunately, this time they just made me laugh.

The first thing that I thought odd about this review was that, dispite the Salt Lake City locale, multiple views of the Temple and other little Mormon references here and there, it seemed that this reviewer had no idea that this show was about Fundamentalist Latter-day Saints, or even that it might be associated some way with the traditional LDS church.  I was a little baffled at this, thinking that for someone working in a culture-critiquing capacity for a religious organization, this person must be unusually ignorant on the topic of Mormonism, which was covered, at least marginally, in my fifth grade social studies class.  Either that, or he was purposely not mentioning the Mormon Church so as not to offend (which is unlikely, as Focus on the Family--the parent of Plugged In--isn't shy about pointing out the faults in religions outside of Evangelical Christendom). 

The real humor is when this guy makes it clear that he is very offended by the polygamy portrayed in the show.  He goes on to quote Genesis and Deuteronomy to display God's plan for marriage as (of course) one man and one woman for a lifetime. 

Surely I need not point out the problem here, but I will.  The Old Testament (as anyone who has read it knows) is rife with what many would consider "Heroes of the Bible" who are also...bum BUM BUUUUUMMMMMM...polygamists.  Among the more famous ones, of course:  Abraham, Moses, Caleb, David, Saul, Solomon, Ezra, Esau, Hosea, Gideon, and Jacob.  There are many more who are confirmably polygamists, and those who can be assumed to be, as they are said to have had forty, sixty or more children. 

Make no mistake, these are not Hebrews gone wild.  This behavior was clearly condoned by the God of the OT.  God instructed men to take on specific women as wives, even when they already had one or more.  God, speaking through the prophet Nathan told David (the "man after God's own heart") that He (God) had given David all of his property, authority and wives, and that if it wasn't enough for the big D, God would give him more.  God-approved polygamy.  Not in The Book of Mormon.  Not in Doctrine and Covenants.  The Bible used by mainline denominations of Christianity, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Baptists, Roman Catholics, and on, and on, and on.

In this review, the Bible was pitted against Big Love, but the two have something in common.  Their greatest heroes are polygamists. 

The difference is that, unlike David for example, Bill Henrickson wasn't a cheating, murdering asshole.

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