Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Behold! Blue Marilyn!

I'm still working on the mix.  The drink on Will and Grace is a much lighter shade, though I'm aware that it was probably water and food coloring.  I held it to the light in the picture to show what a "perty" blue it was.  Oh, and it is very tasty and zippy.  Marilyn is right--it does stave off thoughts of suicide, and it is fun!

I got the recipe here at the NBC boards (toward the bottom of the thread).  Some nice person tried out the recipe based on the ingredients that Karen Walker guesses on the Will & Grace episode, A Little Christmas Queer


  1. Did you use grenadine or the secret ingredient? :)

  2. Grenadine, lol! Someday I'll try to do it properly with a *whisper* Cherry Sucret. :)


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