Saturday, August 13, 2011

Unlikely Double Feature

Your Love Interest Might Be a Cat Burglar

Last night I went with my film buff crew to the IMA for an outdoor film in their Summer Nights series.  Up this Friday was Alfred Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief.  After weeks of crazy heat, the evening was cool and perfect.  The stars were blinking and the tree frogs and insects singing.  This made for a great setting for all of the French Riviera convertible driving and rooftop cat burglary. A candlelit picnic with friends is great, but the same with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant flickering in the background--even better. 

You Might Have a Demon in Your Vagina

When I got home (uber late, as the outdoor movie didn't start until dusk), I watched the next morsel in my Netflix queue, One Nation Under God, which is a 1993 documentary centering around such organizations as Exodus International, and their movement to "cure" homosexuals.  The techniques shown ranged from the cruel (electroshock and nausea inducement as aversion therapy) to the laughable (makeovers for lesbians and sports for gay men) to the inconceivable (casting demons out of genitals).*

The whole spectrum of intent is shown: from the extreme crazies with the "God Hates" signs to the sweet and well-meaning who think they're helping (somewhere toward the crazy side dwell the twat devils).

Seriously, this is worth watching. Apart from the dated clothes and less than slick production indicative of 1993 (my freshman year in college--yikes), the topic is fresh today.

*The idea here is that there are demons in a lesbian's lady bits that cause her to wish to, in Glee-speak, make lady babies. For a gay man, the demons hang out in his rectal cavity. I mean, why wouldn't they?


  1. Too bad you live in Indiana. The demons in my vagina would have loved to join you! ;)

  2. Stunning, isn't it, what people come up with? I'm not sure how one goes about doing mundane things like grocery shopping, all the while believing he or she is surrounded by people who may or may not have haunted pants.


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