Sunday, August 7, 2011

Down Time

I was/am ill last week and this weekend. I missed three days of work, which is not normal. I tried to be productive yesterday and tidy a bit. Sadly, I've mostly pissed away a lot of time online. In case you're wondering...survey says:
--Which Ugly Betty Character am I? Betty
--Which Big Love wife am I? Barb
--My Hobbit name is Wisteria Sackville-Bracegirdle of DeepHollow.
--The name of my rock band is The Hermione Manifesto (which is funny, because I've wanted to start a band called Hermione's Beaded Bag).

You get it. The down time hasn't been spent well. I did watch a few movies. St. Trinian's, for one, which was filled with lots of really great British actors that Harry Potter forgot. Great cast, bad movie, but it was worth every minute. They had me at Lena-Headey-as-the-geeky-English-teacher. I had a veritable nerdgasm at this shot, which is now my phone wallpaper.  Rupert Everett is hysterical in drag, and I loved the line from one of the girls, when viewing Vermeer's painting Girl With a Pearl Earring, "Wow.  No wonder Colin Firth wanted to shag her."  Colin Firth was very funny in this film, as well.

Here's hoping for a more productive week with no sickies.

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