Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday Round-up

I meant to do this earlier, but time has not allowed. A little indulgence and a few creative gifties "beeeecausssse it [was] myyyy birrrrrrthday" (please imagine that in Smeagol/Gollum-speak).

For those who will get this, a snarky gift from Jack (and the Henricksons--of the Sandy, Utah Henricksons, of course, whose intent I assume was sincere until Jack got a hold of the project)...

A wicked awesome gift from my friend Amanda...

She took a head shot of Emma Watson from the summer 2011 Vogue shoot and in some way affixed it to a sheet of watercolor paper. She poked holes around The Almighty's face, hands and bejewelment, removed the photo and stitched around the holes. Voila! A super cool and unique portait of a lady. Amanda put this in a beautious frame, and it looks awesome hanging in my flat.

Last, a few pictures of my cake...ahem...cakes. I took a leaf from the book of Robe Lowe's character from Parks and Recreation, and for my cake made vegetable loaves sweetened with a fruit reduction. Just kidding. I ordered these toxic, sugar bomb monstrosities. The lady taking my order asked if I wanted an age written on the Quidditch one. "Yes," quothe I. "Thirty-seven."

I had my parents and sibs over to my place for cake and ice cream and a few different friend celebrations. One more b-day weekend to come--Pride Night at King's Island and Katy Perry with Chris. When you get old, you can drag this shit on forever.

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  1. I know this is super late but when I tried to post last time it refused to let me.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :) (from the whole Marrs clan)


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