Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend Round-up

Pinky swear--my next post or two will be more write-y, and not just me regurgitating whatever pop culture bollocks I consumed that week. Alas, that's exactly what I'm doing now. Here are a few things that made me laugh, sigh, laugh, and roll my eyes--respectively.

A great teaser for Napoleon Dynamite:

I stumbled across this video of Origin of Love, which is my favorite song in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and possibly my favorite song, period. This is also a great example in film of animation making a great scene even better.

Great Liz Lemon schtick:

Jack: Lemon, I want Tracy back too. Why do you think I suggested you oversee her performance tomorrow? Because you're hip and know a lot about music?

Liz: I like bands. Like... Amy Grant.


Angie: I'm sorry, you want me to perform in this?!

Liz: Yeah. You're Amy Grant from the Baby Baby video. The one where the man likes her at the carnival.

Angie: That's some white nonsense.

And last, the eyeroll goes to:

This is from God Hates Protesters (see link to the right).

I'm guessing this is also the consequence of waking up in Vegas? (That reminds me--I should put up some of my scrapbook pages from Vegas a few years ago. I haven't gone on a big trip for awhile, so I have to live in the past).

All for now. Happy weekend.

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