Friday, July 8, 2011


For years he was in the mind of his author. For a time he's been in the hands of an elite order of Brothers. As the end approaches, he belongs to all of us. All of the believers, the readers of the good books, those who kept the midnight vigils.

He's Harry, of course. There is no other.

The coming week brings the end of an era. Fortunately, our guy has many incarnations and will live on. In honor of the impending finale, I'll try to post a little something about Harry each day until the big release next Friday.

Thanks, Harry. Thanks creator of Harry. It's been...



  1. I'm a total mix of emotions. I am so very excited to see this on the big screen. I am most definitely so excited to see Molly Weasley scream "Not my daughter, you bitch!" on the big screen. But as I keep looking at everything that has already happened in London, I find myself weeping. They are all grown up! No more looking forward to something new related to Harry.....I just don't know what to do with myself.

  2. Breaking up is hard to do. :'(


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