Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nanny McMe

In another life, I was nanny to this boy, who is now practically a man.  Here he is at his graduation party cutting into a colossal cake (at the bottom of the picture, you see a mountain of chocolate-covered strawberries.  Yumm-o).  It's disturbing how fast he has grown. 

[Perhaps even more disturbing is the macabre aberration of a baby head that seems to be growing on his shoulder.  I swear I only saw one baby at the party, a little girl with lots of curly brown hair.  I've looked through all of the pictures I took on my phone, and no one is standing back there in any of the others, holding a baby or no.  This particular baby head makes me think of the Divine Enigma that is Ruby Tuby, but She is a story for another day.  I digress...]

When he introduced me to a few people, he said, "This is Michelle.  She used to watch out for me."  He said it with the affection you might have for an older sister, and it was the best compliment I could have asked for. 

Now he watches out for himself, and I know he's ready. 

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