Thursday, May 19, 2011

Doodle Project

Imagine how gutted I am that I missed National Doodle Day a week ago on May 12th (U.S. only.  Apparently in the U.K. it's on February 11th.  Who knew?).  Since I didn't celebrate then, I'll put up this little guy that I made a little over a year ago. 

A teacher in my art group has all of these wicked ideas for projects, and this is one of them.  You paint blocks on a canvas as she did here.  They can be all uniform in size or random like this one, and they can either have blank space between or not.  Of course they can follow any color scheme.  I was lucky enough to get the canvas already blocked out and a bunch of metallic and non-metallic paint pens from her in our Christmas gift exchange. 

She included instructions and examples of doodling (which were much better than mine).  Basically, you go to town creatively and just start doodling randomly in the blocks.  She made the suggestion of chatting on the phone whilst doodling, to keep from overthinking it.  I did it while chatting and watching Interview with the Vampire (remember when vampires weren't castrated sparklers?).  Here's one of the blocks in detail...

...Gear-y moon inspired by the one at about 1:44 here.  Oh, watch as much as you wish, though, it's too good.

Happy (late) Doodle Day!  Draw a doodle.


  1. "Castrated sparklers" - That is an awesome definition Meyer's vampires. Have I mentioned how much I hate her books... Anne Rice is totally the vampire queen. I really like those drawings and I have been seriously neglecting my creative side. I may need to do a similar project since I have ten weeks of free time on my hands...

  2. I don't know if I'd known your opinion of Sister Steph's books, but I think I assumed you were a kindred spirit on that one! I do love Anne Rice so much. I haven't read all of the Vampire Chronicles, but will eventially. :)


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