Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wild Things Growing

I did my first painting this week (As an adult, that is.  Remember when we were all painters, singers, dancers,etc.?).  It turned out nothing like what I was going for, but I learned a lot doing it.  The next one will be better.  This one is on a big ass expensive canvas, so it went up in my bedroom regardless of how it turned out!

This one is probably where I should have stopped...


  1. Cool! I would love to see them. I love blues and purples. I didn't really even set out to do flowery stuff, but it came out that way. I did most of it whilst talking on the phone and distracted, and that was probably a good thing. If I think too much, I wreck stuff.

  2. I like this, too -- it reminds me a lot of the lupines the grow up here in the spring. Your painting reminds me a lot of the huge patches of them that grow alongside the roads and interstates. One of my favorite things to see :)

  3. Thanks! I can't wait to check out your stuff, which I already know is AMAZING!!


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